Our Bernie Bros, Ourselves

Ashley Feinberg · 08/01/16 03:45PM

Reader, I went to Philadelphia to find the Bernie Bros. Instead, I found myself.

Welcome to Philly

Ashley Feinberg · 07/25/16 10:20AM

PHILADELPHIA — Welcome to Day One of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Hillary signs are sparse, the Bernie bros are in full bloom, and this Guy Fieri look-a-like is vaping up a storm.

The Bernie Sanders Meme Community Is Freaking the Fuck Out

Ashley Feinberg · 07/12/16 01:18PM

If there’s anything to be said about Bernie Sanders fans, it’s that they’ve handled the past year with the sort of sensitivity so rarely seen in politics today. And now that Bernie Sanders has finally conceded to Hillary Clinton, they’re responding with the same fair-minded thoughtfulness we’ve all come to know and love.

Attention Bernie Bros: Woo a Hillary Voter With These Exclusive Printable Valentines

Ashley Feinberg and Allie Jones · 02/12/16 05:15PM

Like so many trash fires fueled by a mix of paper-thin arguments and Bengay, the race for the Democratic nomination for president is heating up. Online discussions between so-called Bernie Bros and Hillary Bots have thus far been characterized by condescension, profanity, and just generally being insufferable. But perhaps Valentine’s Day could turn the tides...toward love.

Bill Fucking Clinton Accuses Bernie Supporters of Sexism

Allie Jones · 02/08/16 12:15PM

Bill Clinton has decided to start attacking his wife’s opponent for the Democratic nomination for president, since that worked so well eight years ago. At a rally in New Hampshire on Sunday, Bill mocked Bernie Sanders’s desire for “revolution” and accused Sanders supporters of sexism.

What Is a BernieBro?

J.K. Trotter · 02/04/16 11:58AM

You may have heard the term “BernieBro” being thrown around on Facebook and Twitter lately, usually during discussions about the candidacy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic invented the term late last year, in an article describing what he saw as a collection of conversational and argumentative tics frequently exhibited by Sanders’ supporters (“The Berniebro talks a lot about DC insiders”; “The Berniebro knows the media is complicit in keeping Clinton the Democratic front-runner”) but he didn’t settle on a concrete definition. So what is a BernieBro? Language is a malleable thing, so for now we’ll defer to the definitions laid down by other outlets. Here’s what we know about the BernieBro so far: