The Madoff Family Destroys Itself

Hamilton Nolan · 12/13/10 09:28AM

Family friends say that Ruth Madoff blames Bernie for their son Mark's suicide, and believes this is "the end of the family." Mark Madoff hanged himself with a dog leash in his apartment Saturday morning. No one deserves that. [NYP]

Bernie Madoff's Son Mark Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

Jeff Neumann · 12/11/10 09:34AM

Mark Madoff, the 46-year-old son of Bernie Madoff, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment this morning in an apparent suicide. Earlier this week, Mark (left) and his brother Andrew were sued by the trustee handling Bernie's victims' claims. [NYP]

China Is Stealing All the Earth!

Hamilton Nolan · 10/20/10 03:44PM

The Way We Live Now: a sort of Ebay lifestyle. Back when we were pocketing billions, we never thought we'd be auctioning off our bedroom slippers just to make ends meet. Then again, we never thought China'd have money. China???

ABC News Wants Ruth Madoff to Answer for Her Crimes

Brian Moylan · 07/16/10 02:55PM

ABC News tracked down Ruth Madoff, wife of Ponzi schemer Bernie, and she was sitting at a Le Pain Quotidian in Midtown with her hair dyed red. You'll never believe what she said to the camera. It's shocking. Shocking!

Madoff's Apartment Gets Even Creepier

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/10 03:36PM

A toy mogul who made his fortune on Cabbage Patch Dolls and Pokemon will be moving with his wife into Bernie Madoff's' old UES penthouse apartment. "We like to have fun, fun, fun," the wife said. Clearly pathological. [NYP]

Nigerian Scammers Targeting Madoff Victims · 03/10/10 06:49AM

According to the New York Post the latest email wheeze by those cheeky fraudsters promises to return millions Madoff hid in Malaysia. As they're offering ridiculous returns for very little risk, we predict a huge take up rate. [NYP]

The Madoffs Aren't Out of the Woods Yet

cityfile · 02/12/10 11:23AM

We haven't heard much about the Madoff clan the past few months. That's not because the feds grew bored and decided to give up. They've been quietly assembling a case against Bernie's brother (Peter) and two sons (Andy and Mark), and may eventually charge them with tax fraud for using Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities as their "personal piggy bank":

Conan Looks for Payout on CPW; Madoff Buyer Revealed

cityfile · 02/08/10 09:47AM

Conan O'Brien's tenure as Tonight Show host has ended, but it looks like he and wife Liza may be planning to stay in LA, since they're reportedly looking to unload their penthouse duplex at the Majestic on Central Park West. The 17th and 18th-floor spread, which features three terraces and Central Park Views, is being "quietly" shopped around for $35 million. [NYP]
• The buyer of Bernie and Ruth Madoff's penthouse has been revealed. It's Al Kahn, the CEO of 4Kids Entertainment and the man behind Pokemon and the Cabbage Patch Kids, who is said to be buying the place at at 133 East 64th Street for "just under" the asking price of $8.9 million. [NYP, previously]
Jimmie Johnson has unloaded one apartment and picked up another. The Nascar driver has sold his 3,200-square-foot loft at 32 West 18th Street, which he put on the market last year, for $4 million. Meanwhile, he and his wife paid $8.33 million for a condo in the Superior Ink building on W. 12th St. [NYT]