Silda Puts on a Brave Face

cityfile · 11/21/08 08:31AM

Silda Wall Spitzer's father-in-law will appear in court today and the prostitute who destroyed her husband's career will be all over TV this weekend now that her interview with Diane Sawyer will air tonight on 20/20. What has the wife of the former governor been up to recently, you ask? She hasn't exactly been in hiding. Yesterday, David Patrick Columbia hosted a luncheon at the 21 Club with Silda and a bunch of socialites to drum up support for Silda's non-profit group, Children For Children. And despite everything that's going on, she's doing just fine. "The Spitzer family is together and riding the waves we call life," reports Columbia. [NYSD]

Tomorrow Will Be a Busy Day for the Spitzers

cityfile · 11/20/08 02:10PM

Ashley Dupre won't be the only person in Eliot Spitzer's life making headlines tomorrow. Hours before her primetime debut, Eliot's 84-year-old father Bernard Spitzer will be making an appearance of his own when he turns up in court to testify in his own defense in connection with charges he fired four men from one of his apartment buildings because they're African-American. (Interestingly, Spitzer family nemesis Roger Stone is advising the four men for free.) We're going to go ahead and assume Silda won't be watching the action unfold at either event.

The Wildenstein Townhouse to Brooke Astor's Butler?

cityfile · 07/16/08 02:30PM
  • More news on the sale of the Wildenstein mansion at 11 East 64th Street. Although there's still no word on who the mystery buyer is—earlier rumors had suggested it was Len Blavatnik—the address listed on the deed belongs to Christopher Ely, Brooke Astor's former butler. [NYO, photos]