Madoff Calls Banks 'Complicit' in Ponzi Scheme

Max Read · 02/16/11 02:46AM

The New York Times interviewed a "noticeably" thinner Bernie Madoff in prison and, wouldn't you know it, he said that "unidentified banks and hedge funds were somehow 'complicit' in his elaborate fraud," and also this:

Another Shoe Drops on Madoff's Bagman

John Cook · 05/19/09 09:19AM

Walter Noel, the hedge fund manager who basically funneled his clients' money straight to Bernie Madoff, is on the hook for $3.2 billion in funny money his firm withdrew from Madoff before the fraud unraveled.

The Rotten, Horrible People of Palm Beach, Florida

John Cook · 04/12/09 12:30PM

The New York Times' David Segal has gone to Palm Beach, the collapsing redoubt of vile and petty aristocrats, and brings an alternatively joyous and revolting tale of corroded souls and disappearing fortunes.

Ponzi Schemer's Label-Whoring Niece Married SEC Lawyer

Owen Thomas · 12/16/08 09:16PM

Shana Madoff, whose uncle Bernie Madoff stands accused of defrauding investors of $50 billion, is the wife of Eric Swanson, a former top lawyer at the Securities and Exchange Commission. A goy, but well-placed!