Anatomy of a Right-Wing Bill Clinton Meme

Andy Cush · 12/18/14 11:35AM

If you travel in certain GOP-centric lanes of the internet, you may have recently come across the above image macro, whose jumbled message depends on awareness of Bill Clinton's reputation as a lecher, resentment of the rape accusations against Bill Cosby, and the apophenic close-reading presumption that it's significant that both are named "Bill C." Let's break it down.

BuzzFeed Editor Caught Lifting Text From Yahoo! Answers

J.K. Trotter · 07/24/14 01:16PM

Yahoo! Answers, one of the great artifacts of Internet history, is intently studied at viral news website BuzzFeed, where its trove of half-literate questions (and even less literate answers) has supplied material for at least fifty different posts and listicles. One BuzzFeed editor, however, has streamlined this aggregation process to its vanishing point: Simply copying text from Yahoo! Answers and pasting it, without attribution, into his own work.