Is Anderson Cooper Prepping His Coming Out Episode?

Brian Moylan · 12/14/11 06:01PM

We heard from a tipster that glass closet aficionado Anderson Cooper was bringing his boyfriend Benjamin Maisani to the holiday party for his daytime talk show Anderson tomorrow evening and alleges it is because the show is prepping Anderson's big coming out episode for February sweeps. Can this be true?

Famous Gay Couples We Want to See Tie The Knot

Brian Moylan · 08/05/10 03:34PM

A California judge ruled yesterday that preventing gays from getting married is unconstitutional. But nothing in Cali matters until a celebrity does it! Here are the brides-and-brides and grooms-and-grooms we'd like to see exercising their new right to wed.

Anderson Cooper's Casually Outed in Haitian Adoption Tale

Brian Moylan · 02/03/10 05:18PM

The National Enquirer says Cooper and his boyfriend will adopt a baby. Even crazier than that, the National Enquirer is talking about Cooper's boyfriend on the front page. Even your mom is gonna see that at the grocery store!

Coop Jr.?

cityfile · 02/03/10 02:28PM

Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Ben Maisani are adopting a child from Haiti, at least according to the ever-reliable National Enquirer. [Gawker]

Anderson Cooper Is a Giant Homosexual and Everyone Knows It

Brian Moylan · 10/29/09 01:03PM

Page Six today has a not-very-thinly-veiled item about Anderson Cooper going on a very gay vacation with his very gay boyfriend who owns a very gay bar. Enough: Anderson Cooper is very gay. It's time he said it.

Tinsley's Faux Reality; The Divine Ms. Madonna

cityfile · 10/29/09 06:26AM

• Producers of Tinsley Mortimer's upcoming reality show have been looking to add more drama by staging catfights between her friends and sister and having her chase men who are really just actors. At least the producers have solved their other problem and found a few "friends" willing to appear on camera. Regulars will include Hannah Bronfman (the party-loving daughter of Edgar Jr.) and Paul Johnson-Calderon (the guy who was caught stealing purses last spring). Interesting. [P6]
Anderson Cooper has been vacationing in India with man-friend Benjamin Maisani. And it sounds like they're having quite the time: "Cooper's $3,200-a-night room features a four-poster mahogany bed and views of the gardens of the former Maharaja palace." Oh, and this: "Anderson's room has a large round bathtub. On the first night it was filled with bubbles and sprinkled with red rose petals." How romantic. [P6]
• Madonna visited the Malawi orphanage where she adopted her son David and one of the orphans approached her and told her, "You are our god." Not surprisingly, Madonna "seemed cool with it." [Us]