Is a Rihanna Sex Tape Coming Soon?

Maureen O'Connor · 08/25/11 11:20AM

Is a Rihanna-J. Cole sex tape about to come out? Does Lindsay Lohan really think she is "just like Marilyn" Monroe? Christina Aguilera freaks over a child abuse rumor. Lady Gaga starts a fashion line with her sister. Thursday gossip has lecherous intents.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Are Having Another Baby

Maureen O'Connor · 08/23/11 10:23AM

Bennifer 2.0 has a bun in the oven. Will and Jada Smith might be breaking up. Amy Winehouse's toxicology report is complete. Katie Holmes has a "cupcake emergency." Tuesday gossip struggles to avoid the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Cake Was a Six-Foot-Tall Butt Plug

Maureen O'Connor · 08/22/11 10:24AM

Cops bust Kim Kardashian's wedding, but let them eat butt plug cake. Jerry Seinfeld disses child fans. Kimberly Stewart births Benicio del Toro's baby. Chris Rock is a "divo." Monday gossip is black and white and read all over.

Benicio Del Toro Impregnates, Subtly Disses Kimberly Stewart

Maureen O'Connor · 04/11/11 01:52PM

Benicio del Toro's publicist, on Rod Stewart daughter and Paris Hilton also-ran Kim Stewart: "Kimberly is pregnant. Benicio is the father and is very supportive. Although they are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby." Good to know. [L&S, images via Getty]

Kristen Stewart: Fame Is Like 'Being Raped'

Maureen O'Connor · 06/02/10 08:39AM

Sulky Stewart feels violated. Jane Lynch marries her girlfriend. Lindsay Lohan gets her wisdom teeth out, and special permission to use painkillers. Before Charlie Sheen enters his plea deal, he's going to Disneyland. Wednesday gossip looks on the bright side.

The Best Romantic Comedy Ever Made Has the Best Weekend Ever

Richard Lawson · 02/15/10 10:18AM

Love truly conquers all, especially when that love takes the form of a cynically made American rip-off of a far-superior British movie and it stars horrible people like the fellow in this picture. That kind of love is unbeatable.

Madonna, Agyness Deyn Move On

cityfile · 03/27/09 06:22AM

• Madonna's kicked boytoy Jesus Luz to the curb and is thrilled to be single again, reports Britain's Daily Mail based on the things she's been telling fans on Twitter. But as the Times reminds us today, lots of celebs only pretend to use Twitter, so you don't have to give up hope entirely just yet. [DM]
• In related news, Madonna is expected to arrive in Malawi this weekend so she can add another baby to her collection of human accessories. [NYDN]
Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr. only broke up recently, but she may have already moved on: She was spotted at a "rebound dinner" earlier this week. [P6]
• More trouble for CNBC: The network's golden boy, Dylan Ratigan, may be heading out the door after clashing with management. [P6]
Ivana Trump may have reunited with her ex, Rossano Rubicondi. [P2L]
• Mega real estate broker Kathy Sloane has been hit with $248K tax lien. [P6]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 02/19/09 07:34AM

Mr. Heidi Klum (or Seal, if you prefer) turns 46 today. General Electric chief Jeff Immelt is 53. Jonathan Lethem is turning 45. Sony CEO Howard Stringer is turning 67. New York Times finance reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin is 32. New York art critic Jerry Saltz is 58. Carolyn Maloney is turning 61. Hearst's Ellen Levine is turning 66. Novelist Siri Hustvedt is 54. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is 50. Architect Peter Pennoyer is 52. Naked Angels artistic director Jenny Gersten is 40. Politico Norman Adler is turning 67. Phish drummer Jon Fishman is turning 44. Benicio Del Toro is 42. Justine Bateman is 43. Jeff Daniels is 54. Smokey Robinson is 69. And Haylie Duff celebrates her 24th today.

Benicio Del Toro Puts Mouthy Bros On Notice

Kyle Buchanan · 01/06/09 01:45PM

Benicio Del Toro deserves credit for a great many things: his Oscar-winning acting, his inspiration to the mushmouthed, and now, for crafting 2009's very first meme.

Upbeat 'Che' Trailer Promises the Holidays' Jauntiest Four-Hour Marxist Epic

STV · 12/03/08 12:07PM

Having endured Che in its 257-minute entirety, at least one of us at Defamer HQ can attest to its new trailer's elegance in condensing the Che Guevara biopic to a lean two minutes, 31 seconds. From Benicio Del Toro's brooding monochrome gaze to the minimalist grit of revolutionary battle, its comprehensive compression renders the theatrical experience virtually irrelevant. Still, we sort of would have preferred more of the Bollywoodesque "Che You, Che Me" set piece that bridges Guevara's time between Cuba and Bolivia, but! You can't have everything. There will be plenty of time for show tunes when Soderbergh gets busy with Cleo, anyway. [IFC Films]

Soderbergh Gets Castro's Blessing for Che

Alex Carnevale · 11/20/08 01:08PM

Steven Soderbergh's four-hour, two part epic Che will screen at next month's New Latin American Film Festival in Havana, reports the New York Post. Since the festival's president had said that any anti-Castro sentiment in the film would be grounds for exclusion back in July, we can assume the finished film skirts the controversial questions and lionizes Guevara throughout its elongated running time. "Cinematically we're making a demand on the audience that's very similar to the demands Che made on the people around him," says Soderbergh, which begs the question: did Fidel just fall asleep halfway through the screening?Guevara's image adorns countless tee-shirts of people who have no idea who he is, and elite fascination with the guy has a long history, including a loving Oliver Stone documentary and more recently, The Motorcycle Diaries. More than a person, the CIA-killed Guevara is a martyred symbol for resentment of imperial America. The film will be shown both as one complete feature, and also in two parts as Guerrilla and The Argentine, with Benicio Del Toro in the titular role, and Mexican actor Demián Bichir as Fidel Castro. Fear that the film will be a fantasy of the real Che Guevara has the conservative journal Commentary hopping mad to point out the more murderous aspects of Guevara's life, as depicted in Carlos Eire's Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy: