To Be Clear, O.C. Star Ben McKenzie Was Not Arrested for Masturbating in San Diego

Max Read · 03/16/12 05:41PM

Earlier today, when reporting on Invisible Children co-founder and viral video star Jason Russell's arrest for allegedly masturbating in public near Sea World in San Diego, we used an AP photo of Russell with actor Ben McKenzie of The O.C. and Southland. This worried his publicist, so we'd like to offer a clarification: Ben McKenzie was not involved with this particular Sea World masturbation incident, in any way, shape or form.

mark · 09/20/07 12:24PM

At the premiere of Gossip Girl, an overly excited The OC fan provides series creator Josh Schwartz with a chilling preview of his epitaph: "Oh my God! He's the genius behind Ben McKenzie!" [Gatecrasher, 2nd item]

Citizen Paparazzi: The OC's Ben McKenzie Talks To A Girl

mark · 04/24/06 06:36PM

Defamer is committed to turning every seemingly innocuous, completely inconsequential celebrity-on-civilian interaction into an impromptu photo shoot via our network of privacy-eradicating, hidden-camera-wielding operatives. Says the spy who provided the above pic: