The Horribly Dressed Men of Tech

Ryan Tate · 08/03/11 04:55PM

GQ released a list of the "15 worst dressed men in tech," which is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel; engineers are hardly known as fashion plates. Indeed, the magazine was so overwhelmed with badly dressed techies it left a few people off its list.

I Can Has Cheezburger CEO allergic to cats

Nicholas Carlson · 07/03/08 02:20PM

Consider this: Ben Huh runs a site that takes submissions of stupid cat pictures with pidgin English captions written across them. That site, I Can Has Cheezburger, pulls about 2.2 million pageviews a day. Like the HotOrNot guys — who sold their site for $10 million earlier this year — Huh is a lucky guy who's making bank off an obnoxiously simple idea. The delicious irony: According to the above excerpt from an interview Huh gave with Internet Superstar, he's completely allergic to cats. "If I pet a cat, which I can't resist, I immediately start crying. I get itchy in the face. I look like a diseased cheeseburger guy." Ben, we're oh so sorry to hear that. The full interview is embedded below.

Want to go through 9,000 photos of cats each day? Get in line

Nicholas Carlson · 04/25/08 04:00PM

Seattle-based Pet Holdings, the company that runs the photo-blog I Can Has Cheezburger, posted a job listing on Monday. Company founder Ben Huh told the Syndey Morning Herald he has since received over 250 applications. Like the thought of a hungry cat watching me while I sleep, this terrifies me. Not only will Huh's new hire have to go through 7,000 captioned and 2,000 uncaptioned photos of felines each day, this person will be forced to check the grammar and spelling of that cruel and unusual punishment of the English language known as LOLspeak. No can has dignity!