First Person Report From the Belmont Stakes

ian spiegelman · 06/07/08 06:36PM

So Big Brown finished dead last in the Belmont Stakes today, failing to win the Triple Crown. But that's not the biggest news out of Belmont-to and from which the Long Island Rail Road has to ban alcohol every year when they hold the Stakes cause these horse race people are such scummy drunks. The big news? Gawker video editor Richard Blakeley was on the scene and sends this icky report.

Pink Polos, Popped Collars, and Ponies

abalk · 06/11/07 09:50AM

This weekend Gawker videographer Richard Blakeley took a trip to the Belmont Stakes, the third jewel in horseracing's Triple Crown, blah blah blah. What did the equestrian betting set look like? Let's just say that if you like watching douchebags cavort you won't be disappointed.