How Not to Rob a Casino

Hamilton Nolan · 08/01/12 09:55AM

If you wanted to rob a high-end Las Vegas casino, I imagine the best plan would be something involving an inside accomplice, cutting-edge technology, stealth, and a well-planned getaway. The "run in and grab what you can" method would not be the primary choice of most successful casino robbers.

Allen Stanford Can't Catch a Break

cityfile · 09/02/09 12:24PM

"Sir" Allen Stanford wasn't successful keeping his Ponzi scheme from imploding. And he wasn't very successful playing cards either. The Bellagio in Las Vegas has filed suit against Stanford, claiming he owes the hotel/casino $258,480 in unpaid gambling debts. [Guardian]

Sign of the Times: Jet for High-Rollers Hits Market

cityfile · 01/22/09 11:31AM

With the economy in a tailspin, there aren't quite as many "whales" heading out to Teterboro to catch complimentary flights to Las Vegas. Why bother losing all your money at the poker and blackjack tables when you can do the same thing in front of your Bloomberg terminal in your Midtown office? We're guessing this explains why MGM Mirage, the gambling giant that controls such properties as the Bellagio, Mirage, MGM, and Mandalay Bay hotels, put their incredibly luxe 2001 Boeing Business Jet on the market this week. The plane seats 17 and features a master suite, guest bedroom, conference room, and bathroom with shower. Alas, the company didn't specify how much they'd like for it, so you'll have to kick things off with an opening bid. They also didn't mention if they'd be willing to give the plane a scrub-down before it changes hands. Given the number of horndog billionaires and sleazy celebs who have probably deposited their DNA on the "luxurious, tan leather seats," it would be the least they could do, no? Photos of the interior after the jump.