How Beliebers Are Ensuring You Will Only Hear Justin Bieber On The Radio This Summer

Adrian Chen · 07/03/12 12:23PM

Have you heard Justin Bieber's new single, "As Long As You Love Me?" If you haven't yet, you will: Again and again until the only way to seperate its syrupy resin from your brain is a partial lobotomy. Justin Bieber fans have launched a stunningly well-orchestrated campaign to make sure Justin Bieber is the only song played on the radio this summer.

Teen Girls Offering Their Virginity for Justin Bieber Tickets

Adrian Chen · 08/19/11 11:36AM

According to Mexican news outlets, the hysteria around Justin Bieber's upcoming Mexico City concert has reached such levels that a girl has even offered to trade her virginity for a ticket. Ladies, it's not worth it!

Tyrant Child Mayor Changes 'Main Street' to 'Justin Bieber Way'

Max Read · 08/16/11 10:36PM

Having, through "a Facebook contest," effected a coup against the rightful mayor of Forney, Texas, 11-year-old despot Caroline Gonzalez chose to immediately flaunt her power by changing the name of the town's "Main Street" to "Justin Bieber Way."

Justin Bieber Cutout Heist Goes Horribly Wrong

Adrian Chen · 08/15/11 10:06AM

23-year-old David Dowling and his buddy were busted for stealing a life-size cutout of Justin Bieber from an F.Y.E. in a Florida mall. (They still have those!?) He told the cops: "We were just having fun holding Justin Bieber hostage."

Why Justin Bieber Will Never Be Overthrown

Adrian Chen · 06/22/11 02:56PM

If you haven't checked in with Justin Bieber recently, he's still the No. 1 cherubic bionic pop robot in the land. But challengers crowd the base of Heartthrob Mountain. Totally lame challengers.