Sarah Hedgecock · 03/21/14 10:58AM

[Michelle Obama plays table tennis at the Beijing Normal School on Friday.Image via Andy Wong/AP.]

This Surreal Footage Shows a Reporter Being Detained by Chinese Police on Live TV

Max Read · 03/15/13 01:22PM

Sky News correspondent Mark Stone was detained by Chinese police in Beijing this morning while in the middle of a live segment on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Most of the episode—include the moment they were detained, and Stone's conversations with one officer in the midst of their detention—was captured by Sky's camera operator and broadcast live to viewers of the English cable channel. (The entire incident was also captured by another police officer, who filmed the incident on a portable camera.) Stone says that they were detained for saying an unspecified word ("protest"? "Massacre"?) during the report; the English-speaking cop with whom he talks says they were stopped from filming because they didn't have the right permits. [TV Newser]

Boring Biden Speech Incites 'Fisticuffs'

Maureen O'Connor · 08/18/11 12:58PM

Joe Biden is currently touring China, where his speeches are so long and boring, they are literally inciting violence. Or, so says the Chinese government, which has been trying to shove reporters out the door every time Biden calls for "openness and candor" in Chinese-American relations:

See How China's Celebrating 90 Years of Communism

Lauri Apple · 06/29/11 03:45AM

This week the Chinese are celebrating their Communist Party's 90th by buying it a sentimental birthday card, taking it out to Shoney's for the breakfast buffet, then swinging by J.C. Penney to get it a nice new cardigan sweater and some comfortable slippers.

iPad 'Near-Riot' Injures Four

Max Read · 05/08/11 02:24PM

A "near-riot" broke out in the crowd at a Beijing Apple store on Saturday, a day after the iPad 2 went on sale, sending four to the hospital and smashing a glass door.

On Golden Yuan

Brian Moylan · 08/25/09 04:51PM

[Tourists in Tiananmen Square in Beijing enjoy the decorations for National Day to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China and intimidate us Americans. But, ooh, pretty pictures! Image via Getty]

Dubai Enters the Ozymandias Age

Owen Thomas · 03/27/09 04:22PM

Whenever real-estate bubbles pop, the words of Percy Bysshe Shelley are trotted out by lit-major columnists. Before it gets too hackneyed, here is the text of "Ozymandias" with images of Dubai and other former boomtowns.

Sure Hope No One Is Paying Michael Phelps To Endorse This Sweatshirt!

Moe · 08/19/08 11:11AM

Oh my, Michael Phelps, what have we here? I am guessing it was a local purchase? Perhaps from a small boutique in one of those labyrinthine Chinese megamalls that you could never actually find again in the case you discovered their elaborate certification that you were buying a genuine limited-edition Bathing Ape was a forgery? Here is a hint: Bathing Ape doesn't manufacture hoodies with short sleeves! I don't think so anyway. No one should! But also: I know you are down with G-Unit or whatever but you are a vaguely dorky-looking 6'5 white swimmer. The "whimsical self-mocking hip-hop internationalist" aesthetic was not meant for you. Your shorter whimsical less-white friend knows this. Call us when you win some gold medals that look as as cool as Mark Spitz's! [Guest of a Guest] Wholly unrelated: Just Asking: Is Michael Phelps A Douche? [Bestweekever]

Inside the Fakery of China's Opening Ceremonies: Fireworks, Flubs, and a Lip-Synching Scandal

Kyle Buchanan · 08/12/08 01:15PM

They were the Olympic opening ceremonies that wowed the world with their stunning displays of Socialist sophistication— but were they on the level? Allegations are flying that Chinese authorities faked certain parts of the broadcast, even going so far as to replace a singing 7-year-old who organizers deemed not hot enough to serve as the face of young China. Says HuffPo of the last-minute switch:

American Tourist Murdered in Beijing

ian spiegelman · 08/09/08 10:16AM

The Beijing Olympics got off to a rough start as a crazed attacker assailed two American tourists and a Chinese tour guide with a knife this morning, killing a man and wounding two women. The murder victim was a relative of the U.S. men's volleyball coach. The assailant committed suicide after the attack, according to authorities, throwing himself off the 45-meter Drum Tower. U.S. softball player Laura Berg and USOC spokesman respond to the tragedy after the jump.

Gawker's Complete Guide To Covering The Olympics

Hamilton Nolan · 08/06/08 10:22AM

It goes without saying that we will not be in Beijing to cover the Olympics. Furthermore, we've never been to Beijing, and our Olympic experience is limited to one pair of first-round tickets to see the Dream Team crush Kyrgyzstan or somebody in Atlanta in 1996. None of this precludes us from rounding up all of the information on the Internet in order to tell the media that actually is covering the Olympics in Beijing how to do its job. So listen up! Don't be just another sap writing about Michael Phelps while being beaten by Chinese police. After the jump, the only guide to covering the wondrous 2008 Olympics you will ever need: