So, Did Brandy Kill That Woman or Not?

Rich Juzwiak · 04/26/12 11:44AM

Last night, hard-up R&B diva Brandy Norwood was profiled on VH1's Behind the Music. The episode spent a lot of time discussing the 2007 car crash that she maybe caused on a Los Angeles freeway. (It resulted in the death of a mother of two.) Calling it a "blur," Brandy didn't recount the incident (instead, police reports stating that she slammed into a car while driving 65 mph were cited). She spoke vaguely: "I was driving home and it happened." Also: "Regardless if it was my fault or it was not my fault, I was involved in something that cost someone their life. Whoever fault it was, I was in it." More curiously: "A murderer is someone who premeditates it. I didn't wake up that day to be involved in a fatal car crash. I didn't plan for that." Uh, OK? So...what now?

Hollywood DJs Just As Sick Of Britney Spears' Crap As You Are

mark · 10/19/07 12:37PM

On this morning's Yo on E! show, DJs Graham Funke and Stone Rokk, frequent masters of record-spinning ceremonies at celebrity-infested local establishments like Area and Les Deux, are induced into talking some smack about the famous clientele to whom the clubs' buzz-craving owners slavishly cater in hopes of keeping their venues from falling out of favor with Hollywood's incredibly fickle starfucking crowd.