John McCain, Former Hottie

Sheila · 06/20/08 12:31PM

What with Obama's new national ad featuring his younger, Kansas-influenced years, we thought we'd check in with John McCain. His hair had turned white by the time he finally escaped from 'Nam, but some people think the young version of the shouty, bulldoggish Presidential candidate was actually quite cute. Or as blogger Drew Grant writes, "I want to tap that so hard you guys. I have a totally un-ironic crush on yJM." []

Scott McClellan: Former Hottie

Pareene · 06/02/08 10:11AM

Book-writin' Bush traitor Scott McClellan is not well-liked by anyone these days, but it was a different story back in Austin High School in the mid-1980s. As a classmate tells Joshua Stein: "He was a senior when I was a sophmore and there was a golden light bathed around him at all times. He was sweet and smart and all the things that senior boys should be (when you're a brace face sophomore)... He was also on the tennis team (HOT!)...." Hey, he's on the Daily Show tonight for what we're positive will be one of those terribly awkward Jon Stewart interviews, and not one of the funny or fawning ones. [My Memoirs]

Tracing Shia LaBeouf Back To His Humble Origins As An Echo Park Hot Dog Carnie

Seth Abramovitch · 05/13/08 05:25PM

Watching Shia LaBeouf recount for David Letterman the amusing circumstances surrounding his arrest last November at a Chicago Walgreens for drunken, public benzoyl-peroxide abuse, we were suddenly left wanting to know how—likable as he is—he so quickly ascended to superstar status. Well, that's the great thing about media-saturation campaigns riding the coattails of massive summer movie releases: Those kinds of wishes are easily granted. According to a profile in the new GQ, it all started when Steven Spielberg saw LaBeouf's Disturbia audition tape, and instantly cast him in Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That was easy! But just who is this charismatic, precocious, and ridiculously named young man? And from whence does he come? Not too far, as GQ reports—in fact, as close by as a traveling tubesteak sideshow in Echo Park:

On January 24th, Realize How Unfunny America Has Become

Joshua David Stein · 01/15/08 07:04AM

[To be read in the voice of Don "Voice of God" LaFontaine] In a world where Dane Cook, the unfunniest flimsiest hack bastard of a comedian is America's number one laugh man, it's hard to believe that for one night, back in 1992, HBO hosted a Young Comedians Show hosted by Dana Carvey. It featured Judd "Knocked Up" Appatow, Ray "Shit" Romano, Janeane "Tattooed East Village Ranter" Garofalo and Andy "Comic's Comic" Kindler. Sixteen years later, as America shuffles across the world stage, sweeping up the shattered laughs and broken promises, HBO rebroadcasts that performance on January 24th. America, learn to laugh again and please somebody make Dane Cook watch this.

seth · 07/06/07 05:39PM

Props to the Thighmaster for pointing out that Transformers' fantasy-object/greasemonkey Megan Fox was the same Megan Fox who gave a visibly delighted Brian Austin Green a manual lap adjustment in public. [Egotastic]