That's Beetle Juice in Your Vegan Frappuccino

Leah Beckmann · 03/29/12 10:44AM

Soy Strawberry Frappuccinos, already one of the most unpleasant Starbucks drinks I could think to order, have been using something called cochineal extract to dye the drinks that murky Pepto Bismol Pink. Cochineal extract, it turns out, is made from South American beetles and was adopted in an effort to stop using artificial ingredients. But the vegan community will not have it; they have, of course, started an insufferable petition demanding that Starbucks stop using the dye.

Hey Pivs. Um, Yeah, I'm Gonna Need Those TPS Reports This Afternoon, Mmmkay?

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/22/08 01:40PM

In between filming scenes for Entourage, Jeremy Piven warned beloved character actor Gary Cole to keep his flirting with female extras to a minimum unless he enjoyed being talked about the Howard Stern show and morning zoo radio shows. Piven said, "There's nothing quite like waking up to a Blackberry full of messages from your buddies on the East Coast talking about how some girl dragged your good name in the mud before getting on the Sybian or letting Beetlejuice throw lunch meat at her ass on the Stern show." Cole thanked Piven for the advice and told him that it wouldn't be an issue, seeing as how he's married.