MIT Frat's Beer-Pong Table Is the Nerd-Broiest Thing in Nerd Broville

Camille Dodero · 10/11/13 03:10PM

Nerd Broville, a mesh-shorted seaside town with Call of Duty casinos and a high-speed party monorail, has a new Mayor. His name is Christian Reed, he's a member of MIT's Phi Beta Epsilon fraternity, and he has solved a problem that's plagued nerd bros for eons: the sticky balls (heh) and constant spillage (heh heh) that come along with those long, arduous nights of Olympic beer-pong feats.

Drug Stores Finally Marketing to the Beer Pong and Drunken Hook-Up Demographic

Brian Moylan · 09/20/11 03:39PM

It's such a hassle to go to the drug store and search all the aisles for beer, ping-pong balls, and condoms so that you can get wasted, play beer pong, and then have a regretful, half-flaccid hookup with some poor someone. Now one drug store is putting them all together for your convenience.

Six Things That Should Be Banned From Bars Forever

Brian Moylan · 06/28/11 04:52PM

Bars exist for people to hang out with their friends, watch the game, unwind, and maybe play a game of pool or pick up a bit of strange for the evening. What bars are not for are all your silly games that are not only annoying, but dangerous. People are getting sued!

Mad Hatter Literally Crashes Beer Pong Party

Christopher Han · 11/04/10 11:14AM

Don't see the Mad Hatter in the picture yet? You will soon. He's going to have to reimburse his friends $11.50 for red solo cups and beer. Also featured: a poorly-constructed beer pong table.

How Did Kelly Ripa Lose at Beer Pong?

Devon Irete · 04/14/10 11:46AM

Kelly Ripa tells Regis about her first time playing beer pong with Jimmy Fallon. It may have been boring as hell, but Kelly's lingo in her play-by-play are about as inappropriate as Kelly playing beer pong in the first place.

Beer Pong Video Game Predictably Nixed

Michael Weiss · 07/31/08 04:17PM

JV Games was all set to release Beer Pong for the Nintendo Wii as part of its new Frat Party Games series (forthcoming titles include It's Not Gay, It's Tradition and Honor Council Testimony: Age of Consent Edition). Then the killjoy parents got involved, saying it's not right encouraging underage drinking, even in the virtual world. So now the thing's called Pong Toss, which, according to Time, will feature "pixelated cups of water." Use your Xbox to draft a pixelated transfer application. As it turns out, however, water as an alternative chug resource has also caused problems on university campuses:

Facebook vs. CollegeHumor beer pong canceled

Nicholas Carlson · 05/15/08 01:40PM

The smack-talk inspiring contest of beer pong — known as beiruit in some quarters — scheduled between Facebook and IAC subsidiary CollegeHumor is off. Why? Because Facebook's PR and legal departments said so, CollegeHumor cofounder Ricky Van Veen told our tipster:

CollegeHumor smack talk hits Facebook where it hurts — the click-through rates

Nicholas Carlson · 05/13/08 11:40AM

When Google took on Facebook in ultimate frisbee, Facebook took the series 2-0. Now we hear a contest of beer pong — the drinking game involving ping pong balls, Solo cups and Milwaukee's Best — has been scheduled between Mark Zuckerberg's finest and the New York-based, IAC-backed CollegeHumor. CollegeHumor cofounder Ricky Van Veen began the smack talk early posting the above image to his blog. It reads:

Defamer PartyWatch: Assistant Beer Pong Tournament At El Guapo

mark · 05/01/07 07:57PM

When first we viewed these photos (obtained by trusty Intern Kate and a shutterbug sidekick) of Saturday night's Assistant Beer Pong Tournament at Melrose Ave. binge-drinking mecca El Guapo, the event seemed as drunkenly care-free as we'd expected, carrying on the proudly crapulent tradition of the throwdowns of the previous two years. But after learning that the cherished Beer Pong Trophy had been snatched before the champions from Team Gold Circle could rightfully claim it, these images now take on an added poignancy as reminders of a simpler, more innocent time, when people could connect by chugging cheap beer and screaming at each other across folding tables instead of a telephone line. Damn you, anonymous trophy-jacker, for tainting the desk-slave equivalent of the Super Bowl with your selfish disregard for something so pure.