Bee Shaffer: Alive With Pleasure!

Jessica · 06/05/06 10:24AM

Lord knows we took plenty of fucked up, jackassed photos when we were in college, so we're happy to see that Bee Shaffer, spawn of Anna Wintour, is enjoying a typical undergraduate experience at Columbia. This photo from her Facebook profile, however, is sending a dangerous message. It's not that Bee's holding cigarettes — it's that she's holding, of all things, Newport Lights. For shame, rich girl. For shame.

Remainders: Kevin Costner Officially the St. Andrew's Perv

Jessica · 04/25/06 06:15PM

• A UK court rules that it's OK to publicly confirm that Kevin Costner is the actor accused of exposing himself to a masseuse at St. Andrew's. Welcome out of the closet, buddy — hope you enjoyed what was left of your career, 'cause that shit's over. Er, more over than it was before today. [Times UK]
• At the Learning Annex, the founder of, David Hauslaib, will reveal all the secrets of professional blogging. But will he reveal how to get into Daily News gossip hottie Ben Widdicombe's pants? [Learning Annex]
• Oh poor, poor Bee Shaffer! The daughter of Vogue EIC Anna Wintour will have her Costume Institute ballgown "molded" to her body by Karl Lagerfeld. Oh, the unbearable burden of being a spoiled glamourpuss. [NY Sun]
Project Runway 3 will debut this summer, meaning that the designers are rumored to show at fall Fashion Week. [Reality Blurred]
• Donald Trump takes his brand to Philly for some new casinos. He also brings along some poor planning, considering the Nicetown residents would rather have a grocery store. [Philadelphia Magazine]
• We really, really hope that Barbra Streisand was put in her place for wearing stretch pants. She should know better. [NE]