A Bed-Stuy State of Mind: Gentrification Shaken and Stirred

Jason Reynolds · 03/01/14 01:11PM

My first morning in Bed-Stuy was the most amazing morning of my life. I sat on the stoop and watched as the neighborhood stretched and yawned. The sun peeked over the brownstones, as weed smoke wafted through the air like the smell of breakfast bacon. Rastas swaggered up the block, their hair stuffed into stockings, crowned high on their heads. Little boys in blue pants and untucked white shirts, chased little girls in princess dresses down the sidewalk, laughing. Their mothers strutted behind them, shouldering heavy purses and gripping tight to bibles. A shirtless man banged at something underneath his car.

Nitasha Tiku · 07/30/13 03:35PM

One of the many reasons you will never, ever be able to own a brownstone in gentrifying Brooklyn: European, Israeli, and Australian firms are methodically buying up all the inventory.