New York City's Government Is Falling Apart

Brendan O'Connor · 07/08/16 11:15AM

Over the last six years, according to a new audit from the city comptroller, New York City has missed out on $59.2 million in tax revenue because it forgot to stop giving tax breaks, intended for senior citizen homeowners, to recipients who had died. From the Associated Press:

Bedbugs Have Infested My Brain

Rich Juzwiak · 09/25/15 09:10AM

Last week, I took cover when I spotted what turned out to be a feather fluttering down from a locker to my gym’s floor. At home, my eye caught a loose thread swaying on a cloth bag in one of my cabinets, and I flinched. A green pepper seed stuck to a FedEx envelope on my coffee table turned my stomach. I freaked out as a drop of water ran down my chest. I was cooking dinner the other night and I realized that I did not like the way that the flame on my one burner was dancing. I did not like it one bit.

How to Detect and Capture Farting Bedbugs

Jeff Neumann · 05/14/11 02:10PM

Everyone knows that bedbugs are gross jerks that attack war veterans. But were you aware that they're also gassy? Luckily, you can use their flatulence against them thanks to an "exciting newly patented product" called the BBD-100.

Bedbugs With Superbugs Discovered

Maureen O'Connor · 05/11/11 03:59PM

Bedbugs carrying a drug-resistant MRSA germ have been discovered in Vancouver. It's unclear whether the bedbugs can give the germ to humans—we might have even given it to them—but the story is pretty close to the platonic ideal for public health panics. (Needs more obesity.) It's a fractal of insidious bugs! Zoom in, zoom out, on the micro level, on the macro level: Bugs! A bugaboo of bugs, butt-ugly and bugging us until we bug out.

NYC Rats Get a Reality TV Show

Maureen O'Connor · 02/09/11 04:51PM

Animal Planet is offering free pest control for anyone in the five boroughs with "severe pest infestations of any kind, from cockroaches and bedbugs to rats and raccoons. No infestation is too severe for their team."

Pesticide Just Makes Bedbugs Stronger

Hamilton Nolan · 01/20/11 11:05AM

There is no hope. Discouraged and terrified scientists now tell us that the modern urban bedbug has spent the last decade drinking in our best poisons while emitting tiny cackles, growing stronger and stronger and stronger and scarier.