Video Proves That Angry Beavers Are No Joke, People

Adam Weinstein · 04/11/13 12:27PM

It's spring, and you want to get out into nature, and take deep breaths of the forest's cold sweet damp, and commune with the wildlife, and maybe snap a few pics or a Vine to remember the life-affirming majesty.

World's Largest Beaver Dam Is Visible From Space

Max Read · 05/06/10 11:43PM

Did you know the world's largest beaver dam can be seen from space, if by "space," you mean, "Google Maps"? It is in Alberta, Canada; it is a half-mile long; and it probably took two decades to build.

Lazy Sex Pervs

Hamilton Nolan · 12/07/09 12:08PM

An ad for a body waxing business shows a hairless beaver. There's also a hairless kitty and a hairless cock. When did we stop trying? [Copyranter, who would also like to show you Mona Lisa's tits.]

40-Pound Beaver Is Rescued From East River

Pareene · 04/18/08 03:23PM

We can't actually improve on that headline. Kudos, City Room. But yes, a giant beaver was pulled to safety this afternoon by NYPD scuba units, who "were patrolling the United Nations in connection with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI and said the beaver appeared to be struggling to swim." Also: "It was not known if the beaver was male or female. ('It has pretty big claws,' Lieutenant Harkins said.)" [NYT]