This One Time, at a Beauty Contest... Sarah Palin Played the Flute

Kyle Buchanan · 10/01/08 02:45PM

When video of a swimsuit-clad Sarah Palin at the 1984 Miss Alaska contest hit the web last week, the YouTube uploader promised more goodies to come, including Palin's talent competition entry. Now, finally, it is here: Sarah Palin (née Heath), "accomplished flautist," tooting "The Homecoming" by Nathan Hardy on one doozy of a flute (which she then had fired). Can Palin whip out a piccolo at tomorrow's vice presidential debate to steal some of Joe Biden's foreign policy thunder? Tina Fey, you'd better start practicing. [HuffPo]

America, Sarah Palin's Got Talent!

Kyle Buchanan · 09/26/08 03:35PM

In her recent SNL skit, Tina Fey attracted some of the biggest laughs when she played vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as a politician more adept at striking a pose than learning foreign policy. Now, thanks to the miracle of the YouTubes, we can check Fey's moves against the real thing! Yes, the tape from Palin's 1984 stint in the Miss Alaska competition has finally surfaced, and it involves the then-Sarah Heath donning a red swimsuit and doing a full round of turns for the audience and judges. The YouTube uploader promises more Miss Alaska clips soon, including Palin's talent entry (playing the flute!). Until those surface, we have to ask: could Matt Damon pull off a one-piece so well? [HuffPo]