Paul McCartney Fronting Nirvana Is the Second-Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Nirvana Fans

Kate Bennert · 12/12/12 06:00PM

Not since 1994—the year Kurt Cobain committed suicide—have Nirvana fans experienced the amount of tragedy that Paul McCartney is about to cause by appearing on stage tonight with "Dave Grohl and Friends," AKA the remaining members of Nirvana. The news broke this morning when The Sun reported that McCartney was not only too British to know who Nirvana was, but also too old to remember who he was sharing the stage with:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sure Looks Cute Playing 'Hey Jude' at Sundance

Max Read · 01/27/12 10:51AM

If there are three things I've learned about [people who are attracted to men], it's that they love a) dudes who play guitar, b) dudes who pull off the perfectly-loosened tie and rolled-up sleeves look, and c) dudes who are Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Behold: I bring you all three, in this video from a Sundance event last night. Please watch, swoon, and most importantly, share with all your friends.

Michael Jackson Worth More Dead Than Alive

Brian Moylan · 08/24/11 06:13PM

When Michael Jackson died, he was worth a paltry $50 million. Pfft, that's nothing. Pocket change. Now that he's gone and not accumulating debt to fuel his extravagant lifestyle, the value of his estate has skyrocketed.

Lil' 'Hey Jude' Bro

Michael Jordan · 03/03/10 10:00AM

This cute little guy can't quite form the chords, but what he lacks in ability he makes up for in adorableness.

Beatles to quit hiding their digital love away

Nicholas Carlson · 11/15/07 12:10PM

To the relief of Steve Jobs, the Beatles finally plan to let their music go digital in 2008, Paul McCartney told Billboard. Boom! McCartney says the holdup was contractual, but other reports suggest the last hurdle to bringing the Beatles online was resistance from the estate of George Harrison. But his music went online in October and his widow, Olivia Harrison, said she expects the Beatles to go digital in 2008.

Apple event to go on — without Beatles

Owen Thomas · 08/29/07 10:31AM

Next week's special Apple press event will be disappointing to Beatles fans — a group that included CEO Steve Jobs. Silicon Alley Insider reports that, despite an homage to the Beatles on the invitation, which reads "The beat goes on," a long-awaited announcement that the Beatles library will be available on iTunes won't be part of the September 5 event. Instead, it will feature, yes, yet more iPods. Are they still making those tired old things?