Abusive Judge Suspended, Faces New Complaint

Lauri Apple · 11/23/11 04:57AM

Texas court-at-law judge William Adams—who became the Internet's top persona non grata after his daughter Hillary posted a video showing him viciously beating her in 2004—has been suspended with pay while Texas' Commission on Judicial Conduct continues investigating him. He still doesn't admit guilt, though!

FBI Investigating Cops' Fatal Beating of Mentally Ill Man

Lauri Apple · 07/30/11 12:59PM

The feds are now investigating the death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless, schizophrenic man who died earlier this month after being severely beaten by Fullerton, California police officers. If agents determine that Thomas' civil rights were violated, they'll send their info to the Department of Justice, who can file charges.

Police Beat 'Gentle' Homeless, Mentally Ill Man to Death

Lauri Apple · 07/26/11 10:04PM

This video, shot on July 5 by a student in Fullerton, California, ostensibly features the sounds of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas crying for his father while being Tased by police officers after he supposedly resisted arrest. Thomas was also beaten so badly that he was placed on life support. He died several days later.

Man Assaulted, Given 'RAPEST' Tattoo, Shocked in Genitals

Max Read · 05/03/11 07:22PM

An Oklahoma man was apparently attacked by four people, who shocked him "twice in the genitals" with a stun gun and tattooed the word "RAPEST" on his forehead. Sounds like someone read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!

Texas Teacher Totally Whomps Some Little Kid

Hamilton Nolan · 05/13/10 02:01PM

Houston charter school teacher Sheri Lynn Davis is under investigation after this crazy video of her beating a student surfaced this week. The investigation will find that she is crazily insane. And that charter schools are the future! Video below.

Cops Say They Can No Longer Beat People With Impunity

Ravi Somaiya · 04/17/10 11:10AM

The rise of video cameras — surveillance or cellphone — means that loose cannon cops, who won't do things 'by the book' no matter what the chief says can no longer mete out their own brand of vigilante justice. [AP]