Taylor Swift Is Not Very Good at Beatboxing

Taylor Berman · 12/05/12 11:26PM

When she's not busy dating all the men in the universe, Taylor Swift is doing normal person things, like beatboxing on stage at the Grammy Nominations Concert while LL Cool J raps/sings. Of course, T-Swizzle is terrible at beatboxing. To be fair, though, everyone is terrible at beatboxing. But look, she's just so good natured about the whole thing!

Beatboxing Hip-Hopping Satire

Etan Berkowitz · 03/18/10 11:52AM

In this video, Reggie Watts breaks down typical contemporary hiphop videos into their hilarious component parts. Warning: lots of cursing and lots of hair.

16 and Pregnant: Beatboxing Is Not a Form of Birth Control

Mike Byhoff · 03/03/10 12:44PM

Why is it so hard to get through to teenagers? If it's not coming home after curfew, it's that they're always getting pregnant. Valerie is no different, only this time the babydaddy actually has something to offer: mad beatboxing skillzzz.

Daichi Does Christmas Beatboxing

Matt Leary · 12/24/09 12:39PM

Daichi is here to brighten our Christmas with the best gift of all... the gift of beatboxing (and for the sake of this post, beatboxing is the best gift of all.) It's official, Daichi is the Asian Razel.