Chill Polar Bear Plays Temporary Host to Stowaway Refugees

Chris Thompson · 10/15/15 06:42PM

Nissan the polar bear was on the last leg of a voyage from Moscow to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the United Kingdom when a small group of refugees looking for a lift happened upon him unexpectedly in the back of his truck, reports FOX News.

Hudson Hongo · 08/11/15 05:30PM

Biologists at Yellowstone National Park say they have caught an adult female grizzly bear near where a “partially consumed” hiker was found on Friday. Officials say the bear will be euthanized if DNA analysis, scat samples and paw measurements identify it as the hiker’s attacker.

Oh, Bother

Dayna Evans · 07/10/15 03:29PM

A two-year-old bear was seen at the University of Colorado Boulder today just minding its damn business (as bears do), hanging in a tree (as bears do), when authorities were called in to bring the little buddy back to its natural habitat. That bear was not enrolled in college—he is only a bear.

If You Didn't Read the Montana Newspaper This Week, You're Missing Out

Adam Weinstein · 05/20/15 01:20PM

You may have heard about the Billings teen who could face charges for killing his best friend with an “heirloom” revolver after the friend tapped on his window in the dead of night. But what do you know of 10 dead bears, sheep eradicating ragweed, and a lawsuit over the Garden of Read’n Christian bookstore?