Silicon Valley Trend Watch: Growing a Beard to Mask Pure Evil

Sam Biddle · 09/08/15 02:27PM

In a past age, the American robber baron class would combat bad publicity by building a library or calling in the Pinkertons. Today, Silicon Valley’s captains of industry convince people they’re not a horror-show money vampires simply by growing cool beards.

R.I.P. Clerks Director Kevin Smith's Beard, Age 20-Ish

Jay Hathaway · 10/28/14 08:45AM

Tragic news: The cool, understanding beard you got high and told all your troubles to during high school has passed away. The avuncular facial hair that was always down to buy your friends some beer was attached to actor/director Kevin Smith, and appeared in films like Clerks, Mallrats, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It will be missed.

Mark Hamill Grew a Sweet Beard for Star Wars: Episode VII

Jay Hathaway · 08/15/14 10:20AM

Major casting news for Star Wars: Episode VII: the role of Luke Skywalker's beard will be played by Mark Hamill's beard. It appears the beard-learner has become the beard-master, and Luke is the new Obi-Wan.

Man Terrorizes Wife With Unruly Beard: A Modern American Tragedy

Rich Juzwiak · 05/29/14 02:10PM

"When I met Taylor and when we got married, he looked like a Backstreet Boy," said Kim, 28, a marketing director at a local airport near Fredericksburg, VA. She meant that as a compliment. You see, her relationship has since been hijacked by her husband Taylor's barbecue-sauce trap of a beard that he grew, "fell in love with," and then launched a Facebook campaign to keep after she told him to get rid of it. He kept it and named it Beardimus Maximus.

Your Facial Hair Is Dismantling the Razor Industry

Dayna Evans · 01/26/14 04:29PM

Procter & Gamble revealed Friday afternoon that one of their biggest financial challenges this year will be your disgusting, dirty face. Reanimating the lifeless corpse that is the word "hipster," the consumer company in charge of Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, and Gillette (among others), reported stagnating sales in their typically thriving "grooming market."

If You Have to Shave Your Beard, Shave It Like This

Max Read · 08/05/11 12:12AM

Tom Offer-Westort used to be a guy with a big shaggy beard and shoulder-length hair. Now, he's... not. Luckily for the internet, his friend, filmmaker Peter Simon, made sure he did the big shave "in style," and created this nice little video—kind of a Vimeo Peanut-Butter Solution—of the event. Enjoy it, before Norelco turns it into an ad. [via Reddit]

The World's First Goateed Robot Is Unbelievably Creepy

Max Read · 03/07/11 09:58PM

Why is no one asking about the United States' humiliating failure to compete in the robots-with-facial-hair race? Though American scientists were at the forefront of the bearded robot revolution, a new collaboration between the Japanese company Geminoid and Danish professor Henrik Scharfe has produced the first-ever robot with a goatee (to the best of our knowledge). This is Geminoid DK, modeled on Dr. Scharfe. You should be nice! Someday, "barber for robot" will be the only job left for humans. The ones whose bodies aren't being harvested for energy by the global robo-consciousness, that is! [Geminoid DK]

Watch 365 Days of Growing a Beard

Madeleine Davies · 01/21/11 03:31PM

Ricky Coates documented the entire year that he didn't shave with a portrait a day. Watch the video of his transformation from clean cut dude to ZZ Top band mate.