Thomas Dekker: The Sashay Chante Chronicles

Seth Abramovitch · 02/21/08 09:08PM

· You might recognize Thomas Dekker as the almost- but-not -quite -gay Zach from Heroes, or as a young John Connor on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In this photoshoot, we like to imagine he's listening to an advanced copy of Kylie's latest, and just celebrating all the great things happening to his career. [Queerty]

· Thursday Evening Mind-Melt, Pt. 1: You want meta? Here's your meta: Michel Gondry "swedes" his own Be Kind Rewind trailer. (Now get Amanda Bynes to swede the sweded trailer, and you're likely to have your brains run right out your ears!) [YouTube via The Thighmaster]

· MTV Movie Blog's Josh Horowitz always fantasized about starring in one of those parody Oscar openings, so he went ahead and made one himself. He looks curiously fetching in a Tilda Swinton wig. []

· Thursday Evening Mind-Melt, Pt. 2: It's the Twin Peaks backwards-dancing-midget dream sequence....Backwards. [YouTube]

· Jelly Bean Clooney! []

The Only Watchable Homemade Movie Remake

Nick Douglas · 02/19/08 10:13PM

Yesterday afternoon, while I was not watching Be Kind Rewind, I wondered, why don't they just make an entire film that's a homemade version of a real one? That seems easier. In fact, that was done to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in the magical pre-YouTube age of 1982-88 by three 12-18 year olds — that is, the kids started shooting the film in sequence at age 12, and by the last scenes they were several years older, so they age during the movie, which apparently is not the only reason this feature-length shot-for-shot remake of Raiders is entirely watchable, by complete strangers, for more than art/camp value. That's what every news report (one came out every few months since Spielberg discovered the film in 2002) says. CLIPS GALORE, and a link to the entire remake, below.

Jack Black destroys, rebuilds Internet

Nicholas Carlson · 11/27/07 01:41PM

Jack Black will star in a new movie called Be Kind Rewind. In the film, Black's character accidentally destroys all the videos in a rental store. To keep the business solvent, Black and a pal decide to recreate all the movies in the store with their own videocamera. The call it "sweding." Hilarity ensues. Now to promote the film, New Line Cinema set up similar arts-and-craft recreations of popular Web destinations, including Google, Flickr, IMDB and something called MyFace. After the jump, the screenshots.