The 31 Most Powerful Promo Seconds You'll See This Afternoon: Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers, The Commercial

Rich Juzwiak · 03/18/13 01:45PM

Tech makes you giddy. Tech makes you fly. Tech makes you sumo wrestle. These are just a few of the things I learned in the whiplash-inducing commercial for the BBC America show Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers, which premieres tonight. (Full disclosure: Gizmodo is owned by Gawker Media and that is 100 percent of the reason why I am reviewing a commercial.) Apparently featuring at least one person (Joel Johnson) that I hear I work within feet of but cannot be sure of because there are too many crappy TV shows to watch and Mariah Carey gifs to make for me to swivel around and survey the Gizmodo area of the Gawker office, Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers none the less seems like it's full of swell, fun-loving people whose gizmos make them say, "Yeah!" "Whoo!" and "Holy crap!" Spoiler alert: It's pretty clear that the gizmos passed their tests. It's pretty clear that the show does, too: The breathlessly frenetic 31 seconds of this ad spot just fly by. It's an exquisitely paced commercial.

The Strange Career of Julie Benz

Richard Lawson · 07/28/11 04:30PM

A hardworking TV actress has had quite the eclectic career, and she continues to. Also today: a big Walking Dead shakeup, some less than comforting news about The Killing, and Ron Swanson has a Tammy 1.

First Movie Shot by Chimps Lacks Visual Style, Depth, and Ability to Work a Camera

Mike Byhoff · 01/25/10 02:45PM

In this preview clip, BBC America took what was probably the most usable minute of footage and slapped it into their preview. And in exactly zero of these shots did the chimps think to use a tripod, focus the lens, or even take some quick establishing shots. Instead it just looks like a Michael Bay movie.