White Lady to Say N-Word a Whole Hell of a Lot

Richard Lawson · 05/03/10 11:38AM

She has to if she wants to write a gangsta rap script correctly. Also today: A sexy new Phantom, a twee indie movie gets turned into a twee regional musical, 3D sports!, and Baywatch alumni news.

LOST's Credit Sequence Baywatcherized

Mike Byhoff · 03/09/10 03:57PM

LOST can be pretty heavy on the drama sometimes. Cheer up, LOST! Maybe some select footage of Jack, Sawyer, and Kate running in slow-motion in their bathing suits to Baywatch's theme music can lighten things up a bit. LOSTwatch! Sexy.

Baywatch Boobs On the Big Screen!

Richard Lawson · 07/07/09 09:29AM

News from the internet as it relates to TV, a rising comedy star ponders his many options, a new HBO show could be a disaster or could be great, and a Baywatch movie makes us cranky.

Con Man Unscrupulousy Capitalizes On The Power Of The Hoff

seth · 07/03/07 05:47PM

Hollywood has always provided a fertile feeding ground for scam artists like David William Port, a Kansas City resident who bilked hundreds of thousands of dollars from gullible investors convinced they could grow their nest eggs by hitching them to the enduring bankability of Pamela Anderson prancing down the Malibu shore in a physics-defying one-piece bathing suit. From the Reuters report: