The Avengers Sunk Your Battleship

Louis Peitzman · 05/20/12 03:12PM

Still in the number one spot this week, The Avengers earned another $55.1 million, well outperforming Battleship, which took in a measly $25.3 million. That might not sound too bad, but given Battleship's budget, it's pretty embarrassing. In fact, this is the worst domestic opening ever for a film with a budget of at least $200 million.


Rich Juzwiak · 05/18/12 02:30PM

As if they aren't inherently bad enough, my recent Mondays have been exceptionally unpleasant. Three Mondays ago, I spent my night interviewing shady and unengaged drag queen contestants of the most recent season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Two Mondays ago, I was shoehorned into a sceney party thrown by a sceney magazine featuring loud, unblended music and a limited spread of mean-making alcohol. But my least pleasant Monday night of recent memory was this past one, when I spent over two hours in a theater getting my eardrums violated by Peter Berg's film adaptation of a board game.

Battleship: Rihanna Is the New G.I. Jane

Leah Beckmann · 12/09/11 05:25PM

Here is the second trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship, and boy oh boy does this one stink to high heaven already. But watch closely, friends, because there is an extra special treat in this trailer. Do you see her? That's right, it's Rihanna! On a ship! In a bona fide movie!

Please Sink This Battleship

Richard Lawson · 07/27/11 12:38PM

Here's a trailer for Battleship, a movie based on the classic board game, but really in name only. This thing, directed by Peter Berg of all people, actually seems based on something more recent.

The Great Gay Hunk Mystery Is Finally Solved

Richard Lawson · 08/17/10 04:00PM

It's true. Read no further if you don't want a big, gay hunk mystery spoiled. Also today: Some completely gross Battleship casting, a timely Gossip Girl cameo, and an alien-related war brews in Los Angeles.