The Best Worst Batman Fanfic Features Donald Trump and an ATV “Batmobile”

Ashley Feinberg · 06/01/16 12:20PM

When the faceless editors of Wikipedia decide an article is not fit for public consumption, it’s gone, only accessible to the site’s top editors—at least, it was. But now we’re keeping track of all the articles Wikipedia doesn’t see fit to print, to present you with very best of the site’s weirdest and worst. (Plus: The best amateur Batman YouTube series ever, this week only.) Please, “enjoy.”

Donald Trump Lies to Little Boy: "I Am Batman."

Ashley Feinberg · 08/16/15 07:25PM

Noted Donald Trump enthusiast Donald Trump lied to a group of children yesterday during an incredible series of events that played out like the bleakest of CNN wet dreams. In a video posted to Facebook, a boy points a camera at the petulant clown running for president and asks, point-blank, if he is Batman. Trump’s response: “I am Batman.”

Florida Man Dies Doing What He Loved: Fighting Batman

Hudson Hongo · 02/21/15 01:30PM

Sure, when it's your time to split you could die of a heart attack or stroke like everyone else—or you could go down swinging with a little chin music from the World's Greatest Detective, like Stephen Merrill did earlier this month.

Batman (1989) on Batman (2016): "I'm Batman"

Hudson Hongo · 12/14/14 04:00PM

Whether we're sharing a pack of gum or just slashing our boss's tires, aren't we all, in some small way, Batman? Perhaps, but in a different, vastly more significant way, Michael Keaton is Batman and the rest of us are just waiting to be rescued.

Confirmed: Ben Affleck's Batsuit Doesn't Have Nipples

Jay Hathaway · 05/13/14 12:03PM

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder just tweeted out the first official photo of Ben Affleck as Batman, along with a peek at one of the Dark Knight's new vehicles. Say what you will about the casting decision, but Affleck does at least look the square-jawed part.

Watch the Trailer for New Batman Prequel Series, Gotham

Dayna Evans · 05/05/14 10:39PM

During the airing of tonight's 24: Live Another Day, Fox aired an extended trailer for their upcoming Batman prequel, Gotham. It features Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Jada Pinkett Smith as a new character called Fish Mooney, and all the original characters in the comic before they turn into their future selves.

Heath Ledger's Diary from the The Dark Knight Is Sad and Scary

Maggie Lange · 05/31/13 03:02PM

In this clip for a documentary series, Heath Ledger's father flips through the pages of the diary that his late son used to prepare for the role of the Joker in The Dark Night. The diary, which says the Joker on it, has a collage of photos: images from Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, clippings of comics, long hand-written entries, including one about the hospital room scene in which Ledger dressed up as a nurse.

The Insane Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories That Are Already Flooding Facebook and Twitter

Max Read · 12/18/12 06:15PM

If you've got a certain kind of Facebook friend — an End-the-Fed, mechanical-elves, Monsanto-causes-cancer, Nibiru-fearing cousin, say — you may have already heard the "news" that Newtown shooter Adam Lanza's father was a key witness in a congressional hearing about a banking scandal. Or the theory that the new Batman movie predicted the shooting. Or that The Hunger Games did. None of these conspiracy theories are true, obviously. But they're all over the internet.

Movie Remakes That Improve Upon The Original Classics

Mallory Ortberg · 11/24/12 11:00AM

This is a time of year, you may have noticed, when many people choose to re-watch their favorite movies. It's a comforting tradition, certainly, and I'm very much in favor of watching movies repeatedly in a general sense, but there are times when I find myself wishing some of these classics, hampered as they are by oversights and missteps, could be fixed. Some of these changes are more realizable than others, but all are necessary. It afflicts my innate sense of justice to have to see the same glaring mistakes trotted out year after year, and I can remain silent no longer.