At Port Authority, You Might Be Arrested For Shaking Off After a Pee

Andy Cush · 10/08/14 08:57AM

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is the grubbiest, least hospitable public space in Manhattan, and its bathrooms are the worst of the worst—if you can ignore the ominous patch of grime on the ceiling and focus on the task at hand for long enough to squeeze out a few drops, you should consider yourself lucky. So cops: Let's afford these bus station pissers some dignity, shall we?

Would You Order Lunch From a Public Bathroom?

Camille Dodero · 11/13/12 02:20PM

There are a few simple rules of first-world hygiene. Don't share needles. Abide by the five-second rule. And under no circumstances* are you allowed to eat in a public bathroom.

Your Toilet Might Explode Soon

Taylor Berman · 08/16/12 11:33PM

If your toilet was made by American Standard, Crane, Kohler, Eljer, Mansfield, St. Thomas or Gerber between 1997 and 2008, there's at least some chance it could randomly explode and cause "laceration injuries." So far at least 304 toilets have burst, resulting in 14 reported injuries.

Gawker Bathroom Anxieties: An Internal Monologue

Maureen O'Connor · 06/01/12 12:50PM

The following thoughts have flickered through my mind in rapid succession at least once a week for as long as I have worked on the fourth floor of Gawker Media's offices.

Bloomberg Employees Are Bravely Speaking Out About Their Weirdo Workplace

Hamilton Nolan · 01/13/12 04:15PM

The entire massive opulent Bloomberg Media mothership is little more than a huddled mass of journalists, yearning to be free. Our post today about the various internal gripes against the company—crowded bathrooms, prison-like layout, mean bosses, everything—brought the following note from another insider. It is worthwhile reading:

How Can Newt Gingrich Occupy Two Bathrooms Simultaneously?

Jim Newell · 12/08/11 04:30PM

The Smoking Gun has gotten its paws on Newt Gingrich's Washington Speakers Bureau contract, replete with all of his pampered demands. For each speaking gig, he wants a nice hotel, first class plane ticket, check for $50,750 — the usual. But there's one item that stands out as appropriately idiosyncratic: His demand for two bathrooms, in a one-bedroom suite. This is his most profound idea yet.

Maybe Starbucks Will Have Bathroom Attendants Soon

Hamilton Nolan · 11/18/11 11:43AM

Earlier this week, New Yorkers were shaken and alarmed by a report that Starbucks could be closing some of its restrooms in the city, leaving us all with nowhere to urinate except in Roger Ailes' face. The company denied the report, but this is simply too important of a story to "take their word for it." Now, the New York Times is on the case!

Starbucks Is Tired of Being Your Urinal

Hamilton Nolan · 11/16/11 11:20AM

We know what Starbucks is up to. First, they started clearing out all the laptop hobos who occupy tables for hours while nursing a single cup of coffee. And now, Starbucks is cutting back on its free public bathrooms. It's almost as if this multinational corporation only cares about money!