Les Moonves Is More Like a Pirate Than a CEO

Hamilton Nolan · 06/24/15 08:27AM

While you could reasonably argue that many—or even most—corporate CEOs are paid too much money, there is no better poster child for CEO overcompensation than Les Moonves, who plunders the CBS corporation like an evil pirate who tips poorly.

Science: Manipulative Narcissists Succeed in the Workplace

Hamilton Nolan · 07/09/14 08:47AM

Think of your workplace. Now, think of that little prick who always, somehow, seems to get promoted, despite being a little prick who is not even that smart, Nathan. Researchers say that they have discovered why little pricks like this always succeed.

New "Nice Pope" Spends Workday Calling Sad People

Ken Layne · 09/06/13 12:16PM

It was fun having a Nazi supervillain as pope, but it wasn't very good for the Catholic Church brand. The new pope, Francis, is working hard at giving the papacy a nicer public image. If you're bummed out about a relationship, for example, he'll call you and talk you through it.

Town Outlaws Poor People Staying Alive

Hamilton Nolan · 04/12/10 09:56AM

Florida news: a Fort Lauderdale suburb has passed an ordinance that makes it a crime to sell anything on the street—or to buy anything from someone on the street. Nice work, "City Atty. Donald J. Doody." [LAT. Pic: Flickr]

Ad Agency Graciously Allows Staff to Use a Vacation Day to Vote

Hamilton Nolan · 11/04/08 01:35PM

Ogilvy, one of the world's most famous ad agencies, encourages all of its staffers to vote! "We'd like to remind you that the future of your country depends on making your voice count," they write in an internal email. So how are they helping their employees exercise their rights? By telling them that if the long lines at polling places make them miss the "minimum required hours of work time," then they have to use a vacation day today. Well, they sure are bastards. The full email below: