New Campaign Strategy: Get Naked in Your Ads

Lauri Apple · 10/07/11 08:27AM

Katarzyna Lenert would like to represent the good people of Poland in parliament—but first she would like to imitate the most famous scene in Basic Instinct and then slowly remove her clothing to the seductive sounds of jazz, in a campaign ad, because ... sex sells, and she's pro-business?

The Most Ridiculous Edited-for-TV Movie Lines

Matt Toder · 10/19/10 11:30AM

Everybody loves movies with colorful language. But what happens when those films filter down to television, where their content is controlled by the FCC? Well, censors have to get really creative! Here's a collection of the most ridiculous "edited-for-TV" moments.

How the Writer of 'Showgirls' and 'Basic Instinct' Found God

Kyle Buchanan · 08/25/08 01:10PM

Now that he's dallied with Sharon Stone, won multiple Razzies, and given the world the immortal line, "It must be weird not having anybody cum on you," what's left for screenwriter Joe Eszterhas? According to the Toledo Blade, the multi-hyphenate has turned to God (and not the sort of "God!" you might moan while having explosive sex with Kyle MacLachlan in a Vegas pool). Having departed Hollywood for the more "wholesome" Cleveland, Eszterhas was taking a walk one day when he became out of breath and had a surprising realization:

Razzies Recognize Sharon Stone And M. Night Shyamalan For Outstanding Achievements In Cinematic Badness

seth · 02/26/07 06:52PM

As we mentioned earlier, the glamorous and insane Sharon Stone and her failed comeback vehicle, Basic Instinct 2, won more awards than any other at the Razzies—the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation's flatulent response to Hollywood's biggest night. Stone picked up Worst Actress, and the film won Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Prequel or Sequel. The Wayans brothers' dwarf-in-a-diaper comedy, Little Man, won two awards: a shared Worst Actor award for the siblings, in addition to Worst Screen Couple (beating out Stone's "lopsided breasts"), and Worst Remake/Rip-Off. M. Night Shyamalan won Worst Director for Lady in the Water, and a Worst Supporting Actor Razzie, for casting himself in the "pivotal role of a writer whose book will one day bring salvation to humanity." The results are somewhat bittersweet, as we were hoping until the very end that there would be a Wicker Man upset, and that the bad movie genius that is Nicolas Cage in a bear suit clocking a coven of honey-hoarding schoolmarmish types would get its proper due. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Sharon Stone's Lopsided Rack Honored By Bad Cinema Kudosfest

seth · 01/22/07 02:20PM

Members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation have set for themselves one of the most difficult tasks imaginable: Every year, they sift through piles of detritus in an attempt at narrowing an overly crowded field down to a few outstanding instances of big-screen turkeydom. They then bestow among the most deserving of these cinematic poo-gems show business's most uncoveted honor, the Razzie. Leading the nominations this year with seven nominations is Sharon Stone's universally panned return to the icepicks-and-exposed-beaver terrain that first put her on the map, Basic Instinct 2. Tied for most noms, including Worst Picture and Worst Remake/Rip-Off, was the Wayans brothers' Little Man: