Dick Black, Virginia's Most Prude State Senator, Just Shook Hands With a Murderous Dictator and Liked It

Andy Cush · 04/29/16 10:35AM

Virginia State Senator Richard Black, who is perhaps best known to Gawker readers as a guy who melted down at a teacher over fictional depictions of sex and violence, recently met and shook hands with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is best known the world over for unrepentantly slaughtering thousands of his own people. Black said after the summit that he was “very proud to meet his excellency, the president.

Hazel Cills · 01/19/14 09:19AM

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is quoted as saying he has no intention of quitting and insists he will remain in charge. Although more than 100,000 people have been killed in Syria's conflict, al-Assad says the issue is not up for discussion at upcoming peace talks.

Yes, Syria Has Been Using Chemical Weapons to Kill Its Own People

Adam Weinstein · 04/25/13 11:53AM

For the first time since Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad began an open war against protesters and rebels in the Middle Eastern nation, the United States has openly acknowledged that Assad is using nerve gas to kill his citizens.

Horrifying Video Allegedly Shows Scores Dead in Massacre in Syria

Max Read · 01/29/13 11:44AM

According to the anti-regime human-rights group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as many as 80 men were found killed execution-style in an Aleppo suburb on Tuesday, many with their hands bound behind their backs. The group claims to have documented the massacre's aftermath — details of which are still obscure — in a series of extremely graphic videos it posted to its Facebook page.

Jon Stewart Hacks Assad's Email and Takes a Dip in Jew Pond

Matt Toder · 03/15/12 10:44PM

In kind of a hodge-podge Daily Show segment, Jon Stewart zipped through two stories connected only by the thinnest of transitions: Syrian President Assad's email being hacked and the renaming of a small lake formerly known as Jew Pond. It still worked, though.