Does the New York Times Have an Outing Policy Anymore?

J.K. Trotter · 04/22/16 12:05PM

When it comes to reporting on the sexual preferences of public figures, the New York Times has a long history of dancing around the subject, often to the point of absurdity. While the paper has no written policy against outing gay public figures who would prefer to keep their sexual identities private, it has taken a very conservative approach to the subject over the years, and has in fact loudly denounced outlets, like Gawker, that have followed a different set of rules. Which is why a recent report in the Times about corporate goings-on at Disney caught my eye: It blithely, and without further context, published a claim that IAC chairman Barry Diller is “a homosexual.”

The Hagfish Strikes Again

John Cook · 10/18/12 01:00PM

Well, that's it for Newsweek. Celebu-editor and royal gravedigger Tina Brown announced this morning on the web site of the Daily Beast that the magazine's print edition will not survive the year. That's not all Brown's fault, of course. Newsweek is not the first magazine to abandon print, and it will by no means be the last. Tina Brown didn't kill Newsweek. She just killed its credibility.

Chelsea Clinton Joins Team Barry Diller

Ryan Tate · 09/26/11 06:27PM

Chelsea Clinton is joining the board of Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp, according to an SEC filing, in between working toward an Oxford doctorate and helping with father Bill Clinton's philanthropic endeavors.

Arianna Huffington Rival: 'Shut Up and Go Back To Your Room'

Ryan Tate · 09/15/11 03:15PM

Leave it to seasoned mogul Barry Diller to have the smartest take on the cashiering of TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington: AOL "destroyed" TechCrunch's voice, the IAC chairman said, and editorial director Arianna Huffington should have been told to "shut up and go back to your room" when she raised concerns about Arrington's ethics.

Barry Diller Is Absolutely Thrilled to Lose $60 Million

Hamilton Nolan · 07/27/11 02:08PM

In your sincere Wednesday media column: Barry Diller has endlessly deep pockets, Fox gets an online paywall, Michael Hastings' book deal disappears, The Daily still, improbably, exists, and doing more with less is dead.

Barry Diller Pays $2,000 a Day for Yacht Parking

Richard Lawson · 06/21/11 11:02AM

Media mogul Barry Diller has a $100 million, 300 foot-long ("I like 'em long." - Barry Diller) mega yacht that he's been keeping at the Chelsea Piers, at the cost of $2,000 a day.

Katie Couric Rescues Snowbound Billionaire

Brian Moylan · 01/27/11 11:31AM

Media mogul Barry Diller was driving his Maserati through a snowy Central Park this morning when it got stuck. Luckily Katie Couric happened by to help push it out—in the wrong direction. Rich people really don't "get" snow.

Barry Diller's Sexy All-Boy Thanksgiving

Ryan Tate · 11/30/10 03:50PM

Credit where it's due: Barry Diller knows how to vacation. The IAC boss is tightfisted at headquarters, but his holidays are plenty decadent. There's the corporate jet; the giant boat; tropical beaches; and a set of young blonde twins.

Barry Diller's Secret Opulence

Ryan Tate · 11/24/10 05:31PM

Managers at IAC aren't feeling very thankful toward their happy-go-lucky leader right now: They found out just this week there will be no raises or bonuses for the third year in a row. So now they're dishing about his perks.