Speidi Strikes Back; Beyoncé and Lady Gaga Team Up

cityfile · 11/17/09 07:29AM

• The feud between Al Roker and America's most despicable couple continues. After the Today show canceled an interview with Spencer and Heidi Pratt, Spencer took to Twitter to air his rage: "I thought you were out of town getting your stomache [sic] staped [sic] again... Do you always look like your [sic] about to die?" One thing that's clear here: Spencer should have paid more attention in English class. [Us]
• Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall—who is about to kick off a guest stint on NBC's Community—has been ordered to stay away from his ex, Diana Falzone, a "relationship expert" who writes for the Huffington Post and hosts a show on Sirius. Falzone was granted a restraining order after Hall allegedly broke down her door last week and "bashed her head against a wall." [P6]
• Nicole Richie and Joel Madden secured a restraining order against two paparazzi who Richie says have been harassing her. Is it just us, or are restraining orders becoming all the rage? [TMZ]
• MTV has premiered Beyoncé's new video for "Video Phone" featuring a special guest appearance by Lady Gaga. In a surprising twist, it's Lady Gaga who looks fairly normal and Beyoncé who looks a little freaky. [MTV, NYP]

Lindsay's Tan, Barron's New Career

cityfile · 04/02/09 06:20AM

• Say it isn't so! Although she's introducing her own spray-tan line, Sevin Nyne, Lindsay Lohan has been spotted using the services of a mobile spray-tan company called Fake Bake "on the sly." [NYDN]
• Related: LiLo would like to reiterate that she and Sam Ronson have not broken up. For now. [E!]
• The indignity! Jay-Z had to wait 20 minutes for a table at Babbo. [P6]
Chelsea Clinton's rep says the former first daughter is not getting married after all. Too bad! [Us]
• Paris Hilton's little brother Barron says he's "giving up the party life" to pursue a career as an "international singer-songwriter." A family just chock full of talent, clearly. [P6]

The Barron Hilton Train Wreck Continues

Ryan Tate · 04/02/09 04:49AM

New beginnings can be heartbreaking: John Mayer's new breakup song sounds ridiculous and transparent, but Paris Hilton's brother's new life plan is even worse. Way worse.

More on Pinch's Affair, Kelly Cutrone's New Show

cityfile · 02/06/09 06:13AM

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and his new girlfriend, Helen May, first met during an Outward Bound trip to Machu Picchu in 2005, according to May's husband, Kevin Ward. "I'm just sorry my wife didn't find someone more substantial. There's way less there than meets the eye." [P6]
• Etta James says she "didn't really mean" the stuff about Beyonce; she's still "miffed" at Obama for not inviting her to the inauguration. [NYDN]
Kelly Cutrone inked a deal with Bravo for a new reality show. [P6]
Russell Simmons is reportedly dating model Julie Henderson. [NYDN]


cityfile · 08/13/08 10:03AM

Regis Philbin leaving the Reebok Sports Club on the Upper West Side ... Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise walking into the playground at Chelsea Piers ... Melania Trump with son Barron in Central Park ... Lindsay Price filming a Lipstick Jungle scene ... Tyra Banks posing with the models from Vogue Italia's all-black issue on a sidewalk in Chelsea ... The Jonas Brothers filming a music video in Central Park ... and Paris Hilton and Benji Madden getting out of a taxi downtown.

The Project Runway Battle Rages On

cityfile · 07/30/08 05:34AM
  • New revelations from the legal battle between The Weinstein Co. and NBC over Project Runway: It turns out that Tim Gunn didn't get paid a dime for his participation during the show's first season (he got paid just $2,500 per episode for the second), Harvey Weinstein hates Bravo chief Lauren Zalaznick, and Bravo didn't send Heidi Klum a respectable thank-you gift, even after the show became a major hit. [R&M]

Not-Heirs Earn Their No-Money

Richard Lawson · 04/09/08 02:49PM

Little Lord Fauntleroy, also known as Barron Hilton, has plead no contest to a drunk driving charge he earned back in February. He was not only driving drunk and underage, he also managed to hit a 76 gas station employee. Meanwhile, on older sister Paris's giddy European tour with rock 'n roller boyfriend Benji Madden, she recently stayed in a cheap hotel in Liverpool's red light district. It remains a mystery why Grampa Hilton augmented excised these cherubs from his will. [Showbiz Spy]

Mark Graham · 02/12/08 08:48PM

Is it possible to feel bad for a Hilton? Prior to this afternoon, the answer to that question would've been a resounding no. However, the way that Rick and Kathy Hilton are hanging poor little Barron out to dry is making us reconsider. In case you haven't heard, the Hilton parents are refusing to bail him out of jail under the auspices of Tough Love. This strikes us as being rankly hypocritical in the face of the support that they gave to their convicted felon of a daughter last summer. While we still firmly believe that Barron is a jackanapes and not really deserving of public sympathy, it's an abomination that Kathy Hilton is sitting at home painting her nails while her son sits behind bars. UPDATE (5:53pm): Barron just got sprung from the pokey by his friends, who managed to find a bail bondsman and drum up the $20,000 necessary to free him. []

Seth Abramovitch · 02/12/08 02:55PM

We can barely keep up with the Barron Hilton DUI news! TMZ reports he had a blood alcohol level of .14, and that his father released this statement: "I haven't been contacted yet by either my son or the police. If what I have heard is true, it is very disturbing and I will have a lot to say- but it will be to my son not the media." The wealthy private school world, meanwhile, is abuzz, with Eastland Academy student Tootie Ramsey noting, "There's gonna be troubllllllle..." to which classmate Natalie Green added, "Make that doublllllle!" Developing... [TMZ, TMZ]

Barron Hilton Continues Proud Family Tradition

Richard Lawson · 02/12/08 02:32PM

Crazy Britney Spears continues to muddle her way through her twenties while her younger sister, 16-year-old actress Jamie Lynn, is pregnant (which got her Nickelodeon show canceled.) Britney's sister in infamy, heiress Paris Hilton, has recently been revealed as a horrible mistreater of animals. So it would follow, by the rule of fucked up siblings, that Paris's younger brother Barron would begin a life of disaster on his own. And wouldn't you know it, today, gloriously, it began. Reports are coming in that he drunkenly ran into a gas station employee in Los Angeles this morning. The man was unhurt, luckily, but apparently when Hilton got out of the car he could barely walk. You'll remember that Paris recently served jail time for her own traffic violations. So, here we go. What awaits this poor lad we can only imagine. Though we can probably assume it will have something to do with trademarked catch phrases, creatures locked in closets, and many, many bastard children. [PageSix] After the jump, watch what a drunk Barron Hilton might look like if he was wearing his sister's wig. And was swearing a lot.

DUI Arrest Marks Barron Hilton's Entree Into Celebutard Society: UPDATE

Seth Abramovitch · 02/12/08 02:01PM

18-year-old Barron Hilton has yet to really capture the world's imagination the way his older sisters Paris and Nicky have, his wealthy parents perhaps waiting until he turns 21 before gifting him with his very own orange-faced pet flack to encourage such profile-building. And while some suspected the Hilton family's dominant Shameless Famewhoring Gene may have skipped him entirely, the young heir may just have that Hilton magic after all, having been picked up this morning in Malibu for a DUI:

Paris Hilton's Kid Brother Loves To Party On Facebook

Maggie · 12/28/07 02:10PM

Paris and Nicky Hilton's little brother, 18-year-old Barron Nicholas (he uses his middle name for his last on his high school Facebook page), wants you to know that he is a total badass. No really! This apple is totes not going to even think about falling far from the tree! Barron smokes pot! Barron drinks what might be champagne while wearing suits! The youngest Hilton tosses 'em back in his pool! Or at least, he pours Captain Morgan's down his front for the camera, but that's fine—we're sure the help won't mind cleaning it up later.

How Many Hiltons Will You Consume In 2008?

Choire · 12/26/07 09:00AM
  • Are you interested in knowing about Barron Hilton's 16-year-old alleged love life? Are you going to be following the trials and tribulations of young Barron? Are you signing on for the long haul with him—the future inheritance intrigues, the nightclubs and arrests and girls and gay rumors and God-knows-whats? You may feel free to do so. On the other hand! Perhaps you will take a pass, permanently. Maybe the spirit of the Christmas season will encourage you to fund an emergency therapeutic intervention! This is your choose-your-own-adventure moment; if you want to invest in this latest narrative, click here. [Page Six]

Emily Gould · 11/30/07 05:11PM

Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton's little brother, was photographed getting makeoutish with soap star Leven Rambin, but maybe he is just overcompensating for being so totally a gay. Because that's what we've heard, that he's a gay! [Star]