Daniel Jones Is "Perhaps Pursuing Some Modern Love Of His Own"

Emily Gould · 08/21/07 10:53AM

Poor Times deputy metro editor for regional news Jodi Rudoren is on the Talk to the Newsroom hot seat this week, in which readers query New York Times editors. But alas, no one has any questions for her! She is reduced to answering non-questions along the lines of "I saw your photograph today on and just thought I would say hello—I was in the Class of 1992 with you—I don't have a question to ask." What is this, Facebook? But we imagine Jodi's lowest moment came when she was forced to address this query: "Why no Modern Love this week? It's my favorite column." "This has nothing to do with me," Jodi admits, and then elaborates—along the way telling us that sex is the most searched for topic on