Cook-off Cop Fired for Tossing Tear Gas at Rivals

Lauri Apple · 06/29/11 07:57AM

If you were competing in the prestigious Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo barbecue cook-off and some other team started to annoy you, would you a. simply ignore them, b. taunt them for making "shitty bullshit food," or c. throw "some type of tear gas-like device" at them?

BBQ Pitmasters Team Has Gawker.TV Judge Their Pork

John Siegel · 08/13/10 01:50AM

While cooking competitions are wildly popular, there remains the problem that audiences are not able to taste the contestants' culinary offerings. Luckily, Gawker.TV, was treated to some pulled pork provided by the Southern Soul team from TLC's BBQ Pitmasters

Hill Country, The Only Good Thing Outta Texas

Joshua Stein · 07/05/07 10:50AM

On July 3, we had our premature fill of Independence day barbecue at the newly opened Hill Country. The BBQ market is oddly hot right now. Fette Sau has been much-feted, Pies N' Thighs is permanently packed. It seems anyone with a grill and a rack of ribs in this city can at least break even. But barbecue isn't something you can fake.

Fette Sau: Fat Pigs for Skinny Hipsters

josh · 04/04/07 12:10PM

In the runup to the newly opened Williamsburg BBQ joint Fette Sau, the best part was how well the name lent itself to a certain K-Fed song. (Fe-Fe-Fe-Fette Sau, Fette Sau!) I'd been chanting the refrain all week. But last night, when I found myself repeating a different refrain—as in "Why is this night different from all other nights?"—it was because I was ripping apart the rib cage of a deliciously smoked pig.