Barbara Walters Has Outlived Her Usefulness

John Cook · 12/07/11 04:45PM

Congratulations to brittle newsmatron Barbara Walters on landing a blockbuster exclusive with Syrian madman Bashar Al Assad, who is responsible for the wanton murder of 4,000 of his own men, women, and children. Or as Walters put it, a "mild-mannered ophthalmologist." It's time for her to go.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Twins on 20/20

Matt Cherette · 10/23/11 12:21PM

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon showed off their six-month-old twins for the first time on 20/20 on Friday night. But the babies—a son named Moroccan and daughter named Monroe—came at a high price for Carey, as you'll see in this clip of her discussing her pregnancy with Barbara Walters.

An Inexplicable Remix Of The View [NSFW]

Whitney Jefferson · 06/16/11 11:50AM

There really are no words to describe this video other than "completely insane." But let's try: here is a ridiculously edited discussion of a sex tape from a recent The View, juxtaposed with Rob Lowe talking about his own sex tape on Oprah, Satan Lady on Dr. Phil with lots of weird props added into and onto the ladies for your, uh, viewing enjoyment? We don't even know. We just don't want to watch this alone.

Whoopi Goldberg Grosses Out Barbara Walters with Her Farts

Brian Moylan · 05/26/11 11:45AM

This morning Dr. Oz started adjusting to life after Oprah by making an appearance on The View. While discussing the benefits of fiber with the ladies, he noted that one of its side effects is gas. Naturally, this caused Whoopi Goldberg to start farting it up.

Star Jones' Book About The View Is Not About The View

Brian Moylan · 05/03/11 05:16PM

Did you know that Star Jones has a new book out? Yes! It's called Satan's Sisters and it's about five women who co-host a daytime talk show. Oh, no, no, no, it's not about The View. No, really!

Donald Trump's Delusion: 'I Definitely Think I Could Beat Obama'

Brian Moylan · 03/23/11 12:09PM

Donald Trump went on The View this morning to spread his birther nonsense and talk about potentially running for president in 2012. When Barbara Walters pushed for an answer of whether or not he could win he says, "I definitely think I could beat Obama." Really, Donald? Really?

Watch Barbara Walters' Amazing Interview with the Jersey Shore Cast

Matt Cherette · 12/09/10 10:44PM

The highlight of Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating special tonight—naturally—was her interview with the Jersey Shore cast, which was almost as dirty as the show itself! Inside, watch Walters and the gang talk Grenades, Smushing, GTL and more.

Why Did Oprah Cry When She Denied Being a Lesbian?

Maureen O'Connor · 12/08/10 12:44PM

Barbara Walters gave a preview of her interview with Oprah Winfrey today, and was kind enough to give us the moment we've all been waiting for: A direct discussion of Oprah's gay-seeming relationship with Gayle King. It made her cry.