Remainders: The CorcoDevil Litters the Street With Her Seed

Jessica · 08/17/05 06:00PM

• During these days of the real estate bubble, the streets are paved with Barbara Corcoran's mid-year report. Heady times, man. [Curbed]
• The Delancey Street F-stop, where phonetic spelling lives long and proud. [m3ntal contraband]
• As if the prevalence of Hummers in suburbia weren't nauseating enough, it's time for the H2 cologne. [Jalopnik]
• Local TV newsman Arthur Chi'en has a new job, now at WPIX. So fuck you, CBS. [B&C]
• If you email your thesis to Matt Drudge, just make sure it's good. [Moe Golden]
• Summer means many things to many people, but to Gawker alum Choire Sicha, it means jerking off in a baseball cap and getting spanked. [TMN]

Barbara Corcoran

Gawker · 02/01/03 10:54AM

Frederick W. Peters, the president of Ashforth Warburg Associates, on Barbara Corcoran: "[She] obviously wants to see her face on phone kiosks, and she's done an incredibly effective job of branding herself and the company. That said, I think there is a certain amount of sour grapes among people in the industry about her. High-end brokerage in New York was traditionally a genteel world, for many years dominated by ladies in minks with keys. She's had a lot to do with changing it to something much more egalitarian, and that inevitably rubs people the wrong way."
How a D (for Dyslexia) pupil rose to realty's A-List [NYT]