Which Long-Shot, Looney-Tunes California Senate Candidate Should You Vote For?

Kelly Stout · 06/06/16 05:30PM

Tuesday is the California primary, wherein Golden State voters will be asked to pick a replacement for long-beloved and mostly normal outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer. With the primary comes the Official Voter Information Guide and Candidate Statements, which is a perennially fun read, since California primary candidates are among our nation’s weirdest. (Starchild is one candidate for public office in California that only mid-aughts kids with an interest in municipal politics will remember.)

Jon Stewart is Quoted on the Floor of the US Senate

Matt Toder · 03/01/12 11:29PM

While debating the Blunt Amendment on the floor of the US Senate, California's Barbara Boxer quoted a bit from an episode of the Daily Show that aired last month. So what if her rendition of the bit was long, rambling and totally didn't do justice to Stewart's material?

John McCain: One of the Senate's Seven 'Twitter Geniuses'

Adrian Chen · 08/19/10 09:51PM

Quick: What's the best way for a politician to broadcast short, nearly-incomprehensible missives to the world? No, it's not by hacking into Wolf Blitzer's teleprompter before The Situation Room. Twitter! Here are the seven scientifically-determined "Twitter geniuses" of the Senate.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/11/09 08:01AM

Demi Moore turns 47 today. Leonardo DiCaprio is turning 35. Calista Flockhart is 45. Senator Barbara Boxer of California is turning 69. Stanley Tucci is 49. Jane Pratt, the founder of Sassy and Jane, is 47. Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick is turning 44. Writer Mary Gaitskill is turning 55. Comedian and actor Jonathan Winters is 84. Interior designer Mariette Himes-Gomez is 67. Jessica Sierra, the American Idol contestant-turned-Celebrity Rehab patient, is 24. And Carson Kressley celebrates his 40th birthday today.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/11/08 07:30AM

It's Leonardo DiCaprio's big day: The actor turns 34 today. Stanley Tucci is 48. Demi Moore turns 46. Jane Pratt, the founder of Sassy and Jane magazines, is 46, too. Carson Kressley is 39. Calista Flockhart is turning 44. Senator Barbara Boxer is 68. Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick is 43. Writer Mary Gaitskill is 54. Interior designer Mariette Himes-Gomez is 66. And Trey Smith, the son of Will Smith, is turning 16 years old.