America's Meanest Business Owner Will Make His Employees Regret Getting Health Care Coverage

Hamilton Nolan · 11/15/12 01:56PM

After Barack Obama's reelection, some business owners went so far as laying off workers and attributing it to fear of new taxes; other employers vowed to reduce employees' hours in order to avoid paying for their health care under Obamacare. Those actions are despicable in their own way, but at least they may be defended as a sort of rational business move. How exciting that one fine business owner has figured out a way to become a bigger asshole on this issue than any of his peers.

Jon Stewart Says Rick Perry Is the Candidate Republicans Want, and Deserve

Matt Cherette · 09/09/11 12:41AM

On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart broke down yesterday's GOP debate and the media's post-showdown coverage. Many pundits predicted Rick Perry's campaign would suffer after he called Social Security a ponzi scheme. But it didn't, and Stewart explained why: "All due respect to both Romney and the citizens of Talking Headsylvania, but you're up against something you're too smart to understand." At least "President Perry" is alliterative.

Neil Patrick Harris Is (Almost) a Smurf

Adrian Chen · 03/04/10 01:50AM

NPH stars in The Smurfs movie. Rachel McAdams is in the new Woody Allen movie. A woman adapts her own divorce story. De Niro: De Starring opposite Bradley Cooper. The days are growing longer. The Roundup's length is variable.

DJ AM Report Reveals Sad Fact

Andrew Belonsky · 09/02/09 05:00AM

DJ AM took OxyContin the night he died. Spencer Pratt takes his absurdity to new levels. And Kate Hudson wants to take over A-Rod's apartment. All that and more in your Wednesday Gossip Roundup!

Hillary Clinton Growls, Shows Her Teeth

The Cajun Boy · 08/10/09 07:54PM

Oh my! Listen kids, whatever you do, don't ask Hillary Clinton about her husband's opinions on foreign affairs, because she will swallow you whole and eat you alive, just like she did this poor African student this afternoon!

Obama's Pals Plot Conspiracy to Isolate President

Owen Thomas · 12/14/08 05:30PM

Remember how you had to move as a kid and you totally promised to keep in touch with your friends, but you didn't? Barack Obama's Chicago buddies worry they're going to be those friends.

Barack Roll Becomes McCain's Worst Nightmare

ian spiegelman · 09/07/08 10:15AM

The man who brought us Barack Roll is back with a hilarious treat. So John McCain gave his big Republican nomination acceptance speech in front of a giant video screen. What could possibly go wrong with that? See it after the jump.