Here Are Your Most Embarrassing Bar Mitzvah Photos

Leah Beckmann · 02/03/12 04:00PM

I asked you to immortalize your most embarrassing Bar Mitzvah photos by submitting them to this contest, and the results are in. On a side note: When my Dad saw the original post he was upset because he did not like that I was joking about my special day. Let it be known that I was not making fun of my Bat Mitzvah, or the Mitzvah tradition in general. I was celebrating what is truly a very special day in the lives of Hebe boys and girls- Men and Women- everywhere.

Paul Rudd Used to Be a Floppy-Haired Bat Mitzvah DJ

Max Read · 08/03/10 07:49PM

Blogger Gabrielle Birkner unearthed video of her 1992 Bat Mitzvah, which would be totally boring to watch—except that the DJ was a floppy-haired, pre-fame Paul Rudd, wearing a yellow tux jacket and Doc Martens.