Owning a Bar Is So Much Better than Taking the Bar

Studio@Gawker · 08/01/12 10:59AM

Ah, the life of a bar owner. You get to sleep all day, gab with your friends all night, and you never, ever have to pay 12 bucks for a watered down Jack and Coke. In fact, other people pay you for that sad excuse for a drink. Don't you wish you could own a bar when you grow up? Sadly, despite what your first grade teacher might have told you, you can't be whatever your little heart desires. Most of you will have to settle for being ballerinas, or astronauts, or firemen.

Elizabeth Wurtzel Not Too Upset About That Whole 'Not Passing The Bar Exam' Thing

Richard Lawson · 11/18/08 03:17PM

Yesterday we noted that Prozac Nation author and now Yale Law School grad Elizabeth Wurtzel didn't pass the bar exam, which she took back in July. Some commenters were very mad! that we! would point this out! And others seemed a little more meh about it. Actually, maybe the most meh about it was Wurtzel herself who, when told about the post by the New York Observer, didn't really seem to give a shit:

Elizabeth Wurtzel's Name Missing on Bar Exam Pass List

Gabriel Snyder · 11/17/08 01:39PM

The names of the most recent crop of people who passed the New York bar exam were made public today, and guess who's not on it? Prozac Nation author Elizabeth Wurtzel, who decided to enroll in law school after she felt powerless on 9/11 (and her subsequent books Bitch and Now, More Again: A Memoir of Addiction were literary duds). Wurtzel, who graduated last May at the age of 40, doesn't sound like she's the best test-taker.Wurtzel was seen taking the July exam at the Javits Center, a tipster tells us, but, as you can see below, the pass list is Wurtzel-less.