Dead Shopping Malls MIGHT Destroy Our Economy

Hamilton Nolan · 07/12/16 08:50AM

Risk! A short word that keeps the world exciting and dangerous and ultimately destroys us all. In these uncertain times, we pine for the totems of our simple past—like the risk of massive real estate bubbles.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/10/16 11:00AM

“Bank tellers, the single largest occupation within [the retail banking] category, have a median hourly wage of $12.44.” A 2014 report found that “nearly one-third of tellers’ families” were enrolled in public assistance programs.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/25/16 01:14PM

You can now open an online savings account with Goldman Sachs for only $1. Goldman Sachs is for fucking poor people now. Disgusting.

Why Break Up the Banks? A Smart Man Explains

Hamilton Nolan · 03/15/16 02:51PM

From the 2008 recession all the way through to the current presidential campaign, reformers of all types have been advocating for a breakup of the world’s biggest banks. Why? And how? We have just the right author to explain.

Give Everyone Money

Hamilton Nolan · 02/24/16 02:53PM

The economy, both at home and abroad, needs stimulating. Governments have been trying to do this since the 2008 recession, without full success. Is it time to just... give everyone some money?

ATM Fees Are Like Whoa

Hamilton Nolan · 10/05/15 01:50PM

ATM fees now are very, very, very expensive. Very expensive.

Hamilton Nolan · 09/17/15 04:30PM

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who was paid $20 million last year, acknowledged today that “income inequality has kind of gotten worse” in the past 20 years, but said that inequality is mitigated by the fact that “20 years ago... People didn’t have iPhones.”

Hamilton Nolan · 07/08/15 09:25AM

JPMorgan Chase will reportedly pay at least $125 million to settle state and federal investigations into illegal debt collection methods. Compared to some of the other stuff they’ve done lately, that’s not bad! Give Jamie Dimon another raise.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/01/15 08:40AM

Dick Fuld, the former Lehman Bros. CEO who has “no regrets” about helping to spark the biggest financial crisis of our generation, is selling off his 75-acre estate in Sun Valley, Idaho. We pray he makes enough to hang onto his three other homes.

Classic Wall Street Villain to Haters: "Bite Me"

Hamilton Nolan · 05/29/15 09:08AM

Dick Fuld was the head of the investment bank Lehman Bros. in 2008 when the bank collapsed in the biggest bankruptcy in history, kicking off the worst part of the financial crisis. Who can say if Dick Fuld ever did anything “wrong?” Not Dick Fuld!