Warren Buffett Defends Goldman Sachs

Ravi Somaiya · 05/01/10 01:05PM

Buffett — who it is worth pointing out invested $5bn in Goldman at the height of the financial crisis — mounted what the WSJ call a "vigorous defense " of the company, saying he did not believe they had acted improperly.

Martha Stewart is So Rich that She Can't Understand How Debit Cards Work

Whitney Jefferson · 03/24/10 12:29PM

A financial expert was giving advice about tracking expenses online when Martha interrupted with questions about debit cards, asking "Does it just beep? What does it do when you overdraw?" Ten bucks says Martha's never received an overdraft charge, either.

Announcing the Goldman Project

John Cook · 10/15/09 11:36AM

It's Thursday, so Goldman Sachs raked in billions with taxpayer help while you're still unemployed. The bank announced $3.1 billion in third-quarter profits today, and set aside $5.3 billion for bonuses. Help us find out how they spend it.

British Banks Go Socialist

ian spiegelman · 10/12/08 10:54AM

Click to viewTrading in bank shares could be suspended across the G7 nations tomorrow as the British government carries out plans to take a majority stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland and major holdings in another three of the country's largest banks.

Bear Stearns Forgets To Update Its Web Site

Rebecca · 03/17/08 09:26AM

So how was your weekend? Probably not great if you work at Bear Stearns. But even with looming job cuts and a pathetic bail out from the Feds, Bear Stearns' website is still boasting about awards it won in 2007 and 2006 for BearXplorer, a client side risk analytics initiative, whatever that means. The company still claims, "never an unprofitable year." I'd say getting bought out for $2 a share qualifies as unprofitable, but what do I know about banking?

The New Douche Review: Outballing A.J.

abalk2 · 11/21/06 12:10PM

Words fail us on this one. It's like Reservoir Douches. Anyway, if you need another reason to avoid Stereo on a Friday night - or any time, really - click the link below.

Seven — Shhh! — Secrets of Highly Effective Bankers

Emily Gould · 11/21/06 10:30AM

Hey there, young Manhattanites who aren't investment bankers. Wondering what those kids who are making six times your starting salary have that you don't, besides suits, coke, and a soulless unswerving commitment to making money above all else? Well, according to the charmers at ("Wilkommen!"), they have seven secrets. And lucky you, they're willing to share them. Ok, so there are a couple of no-brainers in there, but there are also some shocking insights. Did you know that it's important, not only to be a "good/passable writer," but to be:

Bank of America Offbeat, Off-Key

abalk2 · 11/06/06 03:40PM

Bank of America merged with MBNA on January 1st, "[solidifiying] the Bank's position as the largest issuer of credit cards in the U.S... The combined Bank of America Card Services organization will have more than 40 million active U.S. accounts and nearly $140 billion in managed outstanding balances. Bank of America is already the world's leader in active debit cards." How are things going? If this clip is to be believed (and, on a lot of levels, you're not going to believe it), it's put a song in their cold banker hearts. Aleksey Vayner seems less and less ridiculous every day.