Gabrielle Bluestone · 09/22/15 10:07AM

Just a year after JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s cancer diagnosis, another financier health scare: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who announced to shareholders Tuesday that he has a “highly curable” form of lymphoma. Tough year to be a billionaire banker you say? Sure, I guess.

Cord Jefferson · 11/22/13 08:11PM

Exhaustion may have induced the epileptic seizure that killed a young Merrill Lynch intern in London. The coroner can't be sure, but she told reporters that fatigue is an epilepsy "trigger." The man's family says he didn't complain of strain, but he sometimes sent them emails after ostensibly working through the night.

Goldman Sachs Banker Arrested on Hamptons Rape Charges

J.K. Trotter · 08/22/13 03:43PM

Goldman Sachs banker Jason Lee was arrested earlier this week after a 20 year old woman accused him of raping her at a rental house in East Hampton, Long Island. According to the New York Times, several East Hampton Town Police officers discovered the victim while responding to an unspecified disturbance at the house Lee was renting with his wife. Lee, speaking through his lawyer, denies everything.

America's Remaining Wealth All Stashed in Bedroom Safes

Hamilton Nolan · 05/03/12 10:45AM

The recent global economic collapse combined with the cravenness of the banking industry and the general cheez-brained of the American public have made it all but inevitable that eventually the general public would simply start hoarding their few remaining valuables in iron boxes built into their bedframes and/ or outhouses. Some in the safe industry are "reporting sales increases of as much as 40 percent from a few years ago." But what are you people keeping in there?

Wal-Mart Is the New Bank

Hamilton Nolan · 11/08/11 10:34AM

Having systematically driven the traditional "small town American" hardware store, drug store, grocery store, clothing store, auto parts store, and general store out of business, Wal-Mart has been sitting around, scratching its imaginary head, wondering "What part of traditional American business can I co-opt next, further reducing the traditional American downtown business district to a desolate wasteland and forcing citizens to conduct any and all monetary transactions beneath the sheltering sky of harsh neon lights inside of our very own big, inescapable box?"

Ad: Banking Is Just Like Having an Orgasm

Lauri Apple · 10/21/11 06:26AM

The Czech bank Komerční Banka isn't just "a universal bank providing a wide range of services in retail, corporate and investment banking"—it's also a place where you can have satisfying sexual experiences, as this ad proves. The woman featured here just opened up a bank account that charges a low maintenance fee. Just imagine what taking out a loan is like.

Your Debit Card Is About to Start Costing You Money

Hamilton Nolan · 09/29/11 02:54PM

I have an idea: I ask you to loan me some money. Then when it's time for me to pay you back, I'll charge you a fee, for holding that money, and another fee, for giving the money back to you. Welcome to the modern American consumer banking system.

The End of Free Checking

Hamilton Nolan · 09/26/11 09:14AM

You like your precious "free checking?" I bet you do. More like freeloader checking. Sadly, your "free checking" is hurting the needy banking industry, which is why it is going to disappear.

Bank of America Allegedly Called Grieving Widow '48 Times' a Day

Lauri Apple · 09/03/11 01:36PM

They say you can't take your money with you when you die—and you can't take your debt, either. When people move on to that great air-conditioned lobby in the sky, their banks sometimes ask—and ask, and ask—their grieving families to pay off remaining debts.