Robbers Pulled Off $388 Mill Heist Pretty Well. The Escape, Not So Much.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/19/15 11:24PM

Say you’re an elite thief who just pulled off a brazen $388 million diamond heist. Now I get the logic of hiding in plain sight. But hell, you’re allegedly holding something north of $54 million. What makes you decide not to, say, move to a nice island somewhere with no extradition treaties? A real mystery for the ages.

This Perfectly Timed $40 Mil Global Cyber-Heist Is Better Than a Movie

Max Read · 05/09/13 03:21PM

On February 19, one of the largest bank heists in history was pulled off and almost no one noticed. No getaway vehicles were left idling, no guns were pointed, no panic buttons were pressed—but somehow several crews in two dozen countries working in perfect precision walked away with $40 million in cash.